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    When Google gets it wrong

    Swing and a miss...
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    What did I screw up when I dropped the fuel tank?

    05 TJR Yesterday I dropped the fuel tank to fix the filler valve inside the tank. I was having the well documented problem of fuel splashing out when filling up for a while, then the valve got stuck in the closed position and would keep shutting the pump after only 1/10 of a gallon was pumped...
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    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    I hit the comment section of articles just to farm memes and thought some of you may be interested in just dumping some funny stuff at random with no particular theme or subject. I'll start
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    Need help with my bumper build

    I need help from the community on my new bumper build. I have found the perfect replacement bumper for my TJ, but the Currie V Bumper has been discontinued. I have a knack for doing this, as when I found the perfect sliders, I discovered the Dropkick Slyders had been discontinued (link to...
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    Homebrew Tube Doors (Another Low Dough Build)

    After completing my clone of the Dropkick slyders a few weeks ago (link here), I have decided to build some tube doors for the jeep. I will document the build here as my way of giving back, as this forum has saved me on quite a few occasions. First off, I call these "low dough" builds because...
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    Opened rear diff and found this

    2005 Rubicon with 125k miles. Coming home from work today I noticed a pronounced growl only about a mile away from home, but it was on deceleration only. By the time I got to the driveway, it felt like the drivetrain was locking up. Jacked up all 4 wheels and turned tires by hand and they...
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    DIY rock sliders (Dropkick Slyders clone)

    This thread is to document my one off clone of the discontinued bolt on Dropkick Slyders. Total build budget: $0 So I bought my 05 Rubicon several months ago to use as a daily driver/commuter along with my Goldwing and thanks to this forum, I have gone through the suspension and soundsystem...
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    Help with adding step to factory Rubicon rocker guards

    I need a little help and a few ideas to add a step to my factory rocker guards and eliminate these massive ugly nerf bars. Current setup is pictured below. First of all, I want to fabricate them myself (not to save money, but because I like fabricating) so buying is out of the question...
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    05 Rubicon DD build - The Jeep

    Recently when the Mini Cooper became more maintenance than I was comfortable with, my love/hate relationship with European sports cars leaned more to the "hate" side and I needed a new daily driver, enter "the jeep." I am a mechanical guy and never named any vehicle I have had, and even though...