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  1. Dyl

    Need to depress clutch to start in 4 LO

    I have a 1997 4L 5sp (Australian model) and it needs to press the clutch to start even in 4lo. From what I have read online, it says you should be able to start in gear when you are in 4lo. Wondering if that's only for US models?
  2. Dyl

    This stock front bumper hook as a recovery point?

    Hi all, a quick question. Can this hook on my TJ's front bumper be used as a recovery point? If so all I need is a rated shackle?
  3. Dyl

    Do my pinion angles look alright?

    Is it possible to evaluate that from the picture? Please share what you think.
  4. Dyl

    Anyone know what this cable is?

    It seems to go inside cabin as in first pic and connects to a box or something (2nd pic). What is it.
  5. Dyl

    Turn signal / hazard issue

    All my turn signals work when I try them with the switch: left and right. But when I press the hazard switch just the rear driver side blinker is not working. How do I fix this?
  6. Dyl

    Found these unused connectors next to headlights

    My TJ doesn't have the factory fog lights (in fact I have not seen them on Australian models here). I checked with a multimeter and they get about 10.8v with the engine off and when the low beam is on. Voltage becomes zero with the high beam. That kind of tells me these must be for fog lamps...
  7. Dyl

    1997 TJ dry steering test (video link inside)

    Hi all, can you guys spot anything out of place in the steering system or does everything look good in the video?
  8. Dyl

    Do these brake calipers look ok?

    This is a newbie question. Yesterday I noticed my jeep pulls to left during (only) HARD braking. Bit of reading online and many says it could be one of the brakes not working properly and asked to check calipers. These are some of the photos I took when it was in the garage last week to put...
  9. Dyl

    Clean axle breather hoses?

    Hi Lgends, So while browsing older service history records, there's a record saying diffs have had water in them. Previous owner hasn't taken it off road so my guess is it's come through seals in a rain. And for that to happen, breather hose must have been clogged?
  10. Dyl

    Did a DIY wheel alignment but my TJ has caster cam bolts.

    Hi all I recently installed a 2inch spacer lift and 31" tyres so wanted to do a wheel alignment. I followed the instructions for doing the toe in adjustment and got it within spec. Given that mine is 1997 it does have the option for caster adjustment in the lower control arms as seen in the...
  11. Dyl

    Yokohama Geolander X-AT or BFG KO2?

    Looking for opinions on these two tyres. I quite like the looks of geolander x-ats. But will go for the better tyre. I know there's a huge following for ko2s. Size is 31inch if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  12. Dyl

    Help me decide what tires to install

    Hi all, My jeep is 1997 4.0L 5sp manual (AX15 transmission). I have recently installed a 2inch spacer lift to the otherwise stock jeep. It still has 5 spoke 15inch original rims which i'm keeping. I'm sort of in between 31" and 32" tyres. Some say i would need to regear with 32" tyres (is it...
  13. Dyl

    Replacing brake bleeder screws

    I took my TJ for a brake flush today and the guys at the garage said front left screw is rounded up and needs replacing (they did the flush and tightened with the same old bleeder screw as they said they didn't have new ones). They asked me to bring new bleeder screw to replace the damaged one...
  14. Dyl

    Using 80W-90 oil (instead of 75W-90) for manual transmission?

    Hi all, As per the title, is it safe to use 80W 90 instead of the recommended 75w 90 for a AX15 5sp manual transmission (97 TJ). I"m looking at this Castrol Universal ( which is rated...
  15. Dyl

    No vibrations after 2" spacer install

    Hi guys, So I finished installing 2inch spacers to my otherwise stock TJ. I went for a test drive (did around 60mph) afterwards to see if there are any driveline vibrations but I didn't feel any. I checked and the steering wheel seems straight as well. Is this normal meaning I don't need to...
  16. Dyl

    How to get the rear track bar realigned after spacer lift?

    Hi guys, So we were installing a 2inch spring spacers for my TJ (rear). Removed sway bars, lower shock mounts and disconnected the track bar (from frame end) to drop the axle low and was able to install the spacer and put the old springs back on. Now the issue is I can't get the track bar to...
  17. Dyl

    Underbody pics. Looking for comments on that.

    Hi all I have been talking to this seller about his 1997 5sp TJ. He's sent me some pics of the underbody. It's done about 100K miles. Do these pics look alright or make any alarming sounds (as I could see some rust but was told it's just surface rust)?
  18. Dyl

    Is this rust really bad?

    Hello all, I'm new to off roading and looking to buy a wrangler TJ. Really excited for that! There's this jeep that I'm quite keen but there's some rust. I only have some pics and won't be able to inspect it personally as it's in a different state. I'm looking for advice from experienced...