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  1. Wrangler65

    White grey smoke start up exhaust

    Hi everyone, I bought my 2004 Columbia Edition (US) Extrem Sport (AUS) Wrangler about a month ago and would like to drive it as my daily driver. When I start her up I notice a white grey smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, this lasted for about 10 minutes then it started to subside. I’m not...
  2. Wrangler65

    Under Body Rust Tj

    G’Day i was wondering if I could ask for your advice on some rust with my 2nd Tj. Is this part of the Jeep body or the tow bar package do you think. As I am going to have to remove. Sorry I’m not very knowledgeable and would really like your opinion, pictures provided. Thank you Bridgette
  3. Wrangler65

    G'day from Australia, new member here

    G’day I had a 2006 Jeep when I was 19. Up until recently purchased the same model 10 years later, such a fun car and love the sound when you put the keys in the ignition. Stock standard 65th anniversary model with 87,000 kilometres. Female who doesn’t know much of the mechanics of jeeps but...
  4. Wrangler65

    New South Wales 65th at the tip, spare parts?

    G’day very nice 65th anniversary at Revesby wreckers NSW. What a shame! Great for parts. Currently in stock for parts as I got some for my one.