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    2006 Tailgate Vent Replacement

    Anyone know where to get a replacement tailgate vent for a 2006 TJ? I really only need the rubber seal, but can't seem to find any of it in searching!
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    2006 Wrangler EVAP Hose Removal / Replacement Question

    Hi everyone. I need to replace the small section of hose that the arrow is pointing to in my pic. It's of course in a super tight space on top of the gas tank. Has anyone ever replaced this and did you have to drop the tank to do it? Also, it seems to have some special kind of connector on the...
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    Virginia To pass inspection in VA, do you have to have the red side reflectors that come on the factory tail light housing?

    Hey everyone. I live in VA and I'm wanting to replace my stock tail lights with some shiny new LEDs. Specifically these...
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    2006 TJ 4.0 Won't Start

    Hi everyone. Newby from Norfolk, VA here. I'm having some issues getting my 06 TJ 4.0 to start. Just went out to go to work, and when I turn the key, all lights gauges, radio, and electrical components work perfectly, but it doesn't even attempt to turn over. No click of the starter, no...
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    Is your WranglerFix PCM still working?

    Hi everyone. I just discovered that the Wranglerfix PCM existed on this forum yesterday. I have an auto 06 with the typical hard shift PCM issue. It started happening a few years ago, and I had just stopped researching a fix for it because at the time there didn't seem to be one. So I just...