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  1. JMT

    Anyone running 35 KM3's on a daily?

    I’m 6,500 mi into my KM3’s and I have 16/32’s consistently across the tires. You can do the math for projected longevity. I don’t expect to get more than 22,000-25,000 out of a MT. My tire guy says his experience with KM3’s is they are a good tire that usually takes a lot of weight to balance...
  2. JMT

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Yeah, it’s just a clean look. I’ll go with beadlocks next time since my mind will be more settled on the 15 vs 17 issue. I want to watch the tire market another couple years and see if 15’s continue to go away and if more 17’s are being offered in load C.
  3. JMT

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    When I first saw them I thought, “well, that looks OK. Sure is a lot of tire. I think next time I’m pretty set on 17s.“ At least for now I think that 15 still have an edge off-road over 17s and I have a load C tire and really nothing to complain about except spending about 450 bucks.
  4. JMT

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    It’ll take me awhile to get used to the look. Scrub radius improved, NW TireWorks did a fantastic job. Explained details about the wheel and how they are designed to be balanced. They do 18 wheelers and the big off-road rigs around here. An hour drive but worth it.
  5. JMT

    STICKY August 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    The Cascades
  6. JMT

    Town is trying to boot an adult baby store out

    I’d need to see the city ordinance. With a city name like Noblesville, I’d say things are changing.
  7. JMT

    Swayloc install: a little bumper trim and all good!

    Can you articulate the on road difference between the AR and SwayLoc?
  8. JMT

    One more door removal post

    If the doors will swing on the hinge they are not frozen to the inner hinge liners. You might try the jack under the door, but not under the thin edge called the outer door skin, but behind that underneath, and as close to the hinges as possible. Go slow, very slow. Penetrant, penetrant, more...
  9. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    I personally like my BFG KM3's. Do I think they are smaller than other 35's? Some, but not enough to be noticeable. They are bigger than every 33 on the market and it is noticeable. I suppose the same would be true of every 33 on the market being bigger than 32's and 31's.
  10. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    No one is going to feel or have any statistically significant performance differences with the tires they choose due to some very small size differences. The discussion is really just a waste of time. Getting tires that are better rated for your environment will be far more impactful.
  11. JMT

    Reckless driving killed 5

    My son and I both heard and thought the same thing. We were like, so the un-born are people? I digress too. That poor family and others who were injured from wild reckless abandon (and a nurse at that)
  12. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

  13. JMT

    05' JMT's Twin Teenager's Rubicon Build

    We talked about lift height. You do gain some room up with the MCE's due to removing the sheet metal edge. We have several front shock choices at hand: Rancho 552555, Walker Evans Tunable, and a set of JKS JSPEC 3". For a 4" lift the Walker's are way too long. The JKS are way too short. The...
  14. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    According to your profile you have 2.5"OME. YOu don't want to run a true 33" or a fake 33" at that lift height. You want a fake 32". 😂
  15. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    That’s not how you measure a tire. He shouldn’t be led to think so.
  16. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    The specs on the 315/75/16 say it’s 34.6”...
  17. JMT

    Reckless driving killed 5

    Wow, that’s horrible. A very bad day for a lot of people. Can’t believe she lived. She’ll be locked away forever.
  18. JMT

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    See above. For reference, I have KM3’s in a 35x12.5r15 and my son has Maxxis Razr 33x12.5r15. Mine are noticeably bigger.
  19. JMT

    "Pacing myself" build

    IIRC that’s a vacuum leak. Check the vacuum line under the hood.