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  1. freedom_in_4low

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    I admittedly haven't gotten as deep into any cooling system as I have the TJ, so I don't know how typical it is to go 15-25deg past the thermostat setting. I've also never pushed one as hard as I push the TJ, by the time I fit it with a set of 75 pound tires, put a winch in front of the...
  2. freedom_in_4low

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    Some of us are doing this to select a gear ratio before we have the tires in our possession. What his experiment had demonstrated is that you can use the stated revs per mile and get way better than close enough without having to worry about your specific load and inflation pressure or any of...
  3. freedom_in_4low

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I polished the turn signals. This is after the first round of sanding with 800 grit, but it looks identical to how it started. And this is after following the 800 with 1500, 2000, then Novus fine scratch remover and then Novus plastic clean and shine. The sanding discs and applicator I...
  4. freedom_in_4low

    NSG370 to AX15 swap

    It was over a month ago but to top this project off I installed a shift knob from an 80s Toyota. It's a little lighter gray than my interior but not nearly as light as this photo makes it appear, for some reason. Toyota knobs are M12 so I found some threaded inserts to adapt it to the M10...
  5. freedom_in_4low

    2005 6-speed manual swap to 5-speed

    I did it back in may or June of this year. You do need a special bellhousing because they changed the crankshaft position sensor and moved its location. Both Novak and Advance Adapters sell an AX15 bellhousing machined for a 05-06 sensor. The clutch parts are all interchangeable. You'll use...
  6. freedom_in_4low

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    The thermostat does modulate in most normal conditions. If it's 85 degrees or less outside, mine mostly hovers in the 190s. Even if it's 100 outside I can idle all day at 194 as long as I don't turn the AC on. I can even log it during initial warmup and see the ECT drop 3-4 degrees as the...
  7. freedom_in_4low

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    Ah. I'll be completely honest, I have no idea how they make that. I've seen a lot of different internal surface enhancements but that's a new one to me and I don't think that would be doable with the common manufacturing methods used for the tubing we use (which is 3/8-1"OD).
  8. freedom_in_4low

    NTK sensors vs MOPAR

    I wondered the same thing a couple weeks ago when I was looking for an ECT sensor. Saw some ntk, standard motor products, and wondered if ntk was the OEM for any sensors other than O2. It's unlikely all the sensors were from the same OEM. That said, tps, map, ECT and iat are all very simple...
  9. freedom_in_4low

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    There's a lot of ways to do it, ours is mostly round tubing so it's done during the drawing or extrusion process and ends up looking like rifling in a firearm barrel. I might be able to answer more specifically if have a sample photo of something different.
  10. freedom_in_4low

    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    Have it your way, I rebuilt two engines on my own and spent 5 years mechanic-ing on my way to an engineering degree followed by 15 years of heat transfer and thermodynamics work...the 180 thermostat doesn't set your ceiling, only your floor. The heat rejected by the radiator has to equal the...
  11. freedom_in_4low

    Post your LJ with half doors

    I like the lock rod idea except something itches in my brain to have a non functioning feature. I got a set of these. They take a key like a wheel lock, and the black portion spins on it if you try vice grips. A determined and prepared thief could unbolt the hinges from the tub but this should...
  12. freedom_in_4low

    What is the oldest vehicle you have ever driven?

    I might have traded you for my post-divorce DD, a mid 90s Toyota T100 2wd extra cab with 250k miles and a lifter tap so loud it may have actually been a rod knock. Mine had AC, but I have to think the CJ5 would have better attracted the rebound ladies.
  13. freedom_in_4low

    What is the oldest vehicle you have ever driven?

    1965 Ford Mustang with an inline 6 and 3 speed manual. I was 16 and considering buying it, but couldn't get past the thought of buying a 6 cylinder Mustang, even if it looked cool. My brother had a late 70s Ford pickup with a 300 inline 6 and a 3 speed on the spite of being almost...
  14. freedom_in_4low

    Is it just me?

    don't think it's just you, and the environments on those other forums probably contribute a lot to why this place has been so successful. I posted over there for a lot of years and was just a non-registered lurker here, but once I started getting more active here I completely stopped going...
  15. freedom_in_4low

    Painting Fender Liner?

    I thought I knew where this was going at Sharpie, and then my expectations were completely subverted. Bravo.
  16. freedom_in_4low

    Mad Max Bumper

    Being on an otherwise stock TJ makes the ugliness look even more out of place than when on the usual JK covered with similar armor and on 22" wheels.
  17. freedom_in_4low

    Man accidentally killed by same bullet he shot at woman

    I've read a number of articles about this incident and none say anything specifically about the bullet changing direction. What they also don't mention is the relative position of each involved person. I'm guessing they were engaged in some physical struggle and he shot her through the neck and...
  18. freedom_in_4low

    Town is trying to boot an adult baby store out

    I'm always learning something new from this forum
  19. freedom_in_4low

    One more door removal post

    For me it's been good enough to remove any desire to try something else. 100% success rate since I start using it. I always have acetone and ATF in the garage and those cans are expensive and never seem to be readily available at the stores I frequent. They do separate so I have to shake it up...