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    I'm making the truck Ram didn't

    So I bought a new 2019 Ram 1500 Classic regular cab back in late December. Luckily it had the 8.4" radio and upgraded gauge cluster (which seems to be an extremely rare option). At under 3k miles, I've debadged it, added color matched door handles, color matched door mirrors, a leather wrapped...
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    I tested out my front and rear Detroit Truetrac LSDs

    And they work, or I should say "it" worked, as I was in 2wd the whole time. Not last Saturday, but the one before, I did a trail called Montana Mountain. It has steep loose climbs, and the rear Truetrac made a huge difference. I did this trail about 10 years ago, and it was noticably easier...
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    You have to use the Mopar transmission mount if you don't want vibrations

    Recently I had the skid plate off and noticed my auto trans mount was shot. I ran up the auto parts store and bought another one for $40. After getting it all back together, I had major vibrations in the cab while in drive or reverse. Yesterday, while changing the gear oil in the diffs and other...
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    I found a cheap, mint Hellcat

    While at the dealer yesterday getting 3 tires replaced on my new Ram. Low miles, Carfax approved...
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    We're all going to die

    Whatever vehicle you own will have a catastrophic failure, according to the internet. My 06 Magnum R/T Hemi was supposed to drop valve seats and destroy the engine, over 12 years after the purchase, mine hasn't. Not to mention needing numerous transmissions, at least according to morons that...
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    I bought a new (old) Ram today

    I bought a new 2019 old style Ram today, I couldn't pass it up for $25,710. It has the upgraded larger radio and dash, but being an Express, it's not loaded...just the way I wanted it. I've always felt this series was the best looking.
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    Does anyone want me to document replacing the 32RH shift selector seal?

    In a 32RH transmission? Mine is leaking, I have received the removal tool and new seal, and I can document the removal when I get around to doing it here in the near future. I'd rather not stop, take pictures, and type all of the details on how I did it, if it is of use to no one. If it is, I will.
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    Do you carry a concealed handgun?

    If no, is it because your state doesn't allow it, or is it because you choose not to, and if so why? If you do, what do you carry? I carry a Kahr CM9 in a pocket, when I can carry concealed. When I'm going somewhere were I can't carry, I usually have a Glock 19 Gen 4 in the vehicle.
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    I hate replacing the wrong parts

    So I've had a nagging transmission leak for a while now. The bottom of the pan always had fluid on it, so I pulled the pan and replaced the gasket. It still leaked. I then replaced the pan with a new one and new gasket, and I pulled the skid plate this time. While doing that, I noticed by tranny...
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    Changed bad transmission mount, now have vibrations in drive or reverse while parked

    Today I changed the transmission pan and gasket because it was leaking, and while doing it, I noticed the mount was shot. I didn't have time to order one, so I bought one at a local parts store. It's supposed to be rubber. I tightened the mount to the tranny since you can't get to it later, got...
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    I had a crooked drivers side tail light for over 11 years

    And it took 5 minutes to fix it today. I'm pretty picky about my Jeep, so I have no idea why I lived with that so long. Granted, I didn't look at the tail lights every day, but when I did, I kept thinking "I have to fix that", yet I never did. Better late than never I guess.
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    I actually gained 10% in fuel mileage after the re-gear

    Of course my fuel mileage still sucks, and it's not a concern of mine, but for 3 tanks before the re-gear I decided to check it, and I was getting about 11.2-11.3 mpg with 3.07's. I've checked it about 3 times after the re-gear to 4.10 and I'm getting 12.5. I can't beat that, better performance...
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    Does anyone needs these parts for an auto swap?

    I needed the bezel, shift knob and that white thing that goes down into the shifter, so I bought this whole assembly from ebay. I don't need these parts, so if you are doing a swap and do, PM me. This is for the 32RH auto.
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    Replaced all of my interior lights with LED's today

    That's a nice upgrade. I really like the bright white gauge cluster, and the heater/AC controls look great too. Mine only has a passenger foot well dome light, and the sports bar dome light. I replaced them all, 5 in the dash, 3 in the HVAC controls and the two dome lights. I have another bulb...
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    How often are both upper and lower controls arms needed for a SYE?

    I know the general consensus is you need the uppers, but how often are both the upper and lowers both needed to get the pinion angle correct?
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    What year Jeeps had the front control arm cam bolts?

    And why did those years have them? I replaced my front lower control arms last Saturday, and mine didn't have them. I only had the horse shoe type thing the washers needed to be in, but no cam bolt. Mine is a 2000.
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    I hate A-holes that decide on the freeway that they need to wash their windshield

    I don't get it, but this happens a lot. Some stupid fuck decides they need to wash their windshield on the freeway, and the washer fluid shit flies over their car onto my perfectly clean windshield. I don't remember anyone ever doing this years ago, but for about the last 5 years it has happened...
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    Has anyone modded a rear bumper for storage?

    The rear bumper, if closed off in the back, with some sort of hinged cover could make a great place for storage. I could see a breaker bar, some sockets, tire repair kits and some other small items fitting in there. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's my bumper, with the yellow...
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    Lower front control arm bolt hits the differential and I can't get it out

    I was going to swap out my trashed front lower controls arms and I can't get the front drivers side bolt out, as it hits the front diff before the bolt is out. There is plenty of room on the passenger side, but I feel like even if I manage to get it out, and I'm not sure I can, I won't be able...
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    Has anyone broken a Dana 35 1541H axle shaft?

    If so, what were you doing when it broke, and did you have a rear locker? I'm just curious. I never broke a stock axle shaft, but I now have Revolution Gear 1541H axles shafts. I wonder how much more they can actually take. Admittedly, I was always easy on the stock shafts. still don't plan on...