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    Dana 44 axle binding problem

    I just had a local shop replace my Dana 35 with a Dana 44 & an E-locker. When jacking the wheels off the ground I found that (turning the wheels by hand) it is very stiff. The shoes & drums are new and slide off easily but seem to cause the binding. Any ideas?
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    Arizona Dana 35 axles

    2 27 spline Dana 35 axle shafts Email me at [email protected]
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    SOLD Dana 35 with Eaton e-locker & Revolution axels

    Includes brakes, drums, drive shaft, sway bar, track bar & suspension arms--removed from a 2004 TJ with 71,000 miles 373 gears $500 contact me by email at [email protected]
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    How can I disable the door chime?

    Does anyone know how to disable the door chime while not interfering with the dome light. If you disable the door switch it stops both from working---I want to kill the chime only.
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    No more BF Goodrich tires for me

    I just ordered a set of Goodrich all-terranes and they now have 2 ply sidewalls instead of the 3 ply sidewalls as in the past. The tire dealer looked up mud-terranes and they are the same. I have used these in the past due to the sidewall since most of my flats were rock cuts or cactus punctures...
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    Disk brake conversion kits

    What is the best & most complete rear disk brake conversion kit? What problems has everyone had installing them or finding parts not included? Mine will go on a 2004 TJ with a Dana 35,
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    SOLD Rear Seat & belts

    Free Rear seat belts & mounts removed from 2004 TJ Must pick up in Kingman AZ. Contact me at [email protected]
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    Body mount bushings

    I had 4 of my body mount bolts & rubber bushings fall out on a recent trip. Yes I am the dummy that didn't tighten them up after some work. All I need is 4 of the lower bushings so I ordered the Crown Automotive ones. I guess the may fit if you replace the complete assembly with Crown parts but...
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    Body mount bushings

    Looking for 4 lower body mount bushings & bolts, if you have done a body lift did you save your old ones Also are you willing to ship them? Thanks, Jim [email protected]
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    Fuel tank hoses

    Does anyone know a source for the fuel pump hose and other hoses at the fuel tank? Or better yet the locking tabs that retain the hoses. When removing my 15 year old hoses the plastic lock tabs broke on several hoses. I am also looking for a source for the push in pins that hold the inner fender...
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    E-Locker problem

    Need help with ideas---I have a Dana 35 rear end with a Eaton E-locker. When the switch is off it locks up on turns. With one wheel jacked up the locker engages & disengages properly. I removed the relay so no power can get to the locker and have the same problem. Works great in the garage but not...
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    Aftermarket Underdrive

    Has anyone bought & installed the Advance Adapters Rubicrawler gearbox? I have a 2004 TJ with a 42rle trans. & NP231j transfercase and am considering the underdrive. This will allow me to keep my high geared axels which gives me hi speed & low rpm on the highway but good low gearing when needed...
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    BFG Tires

    I am running BFG mud terrains and love them om rocks & general desert use but they wear out fast (3/16 in 3000 miles). I check my pressure often (28 psi). In the past I ran BFG all-terrains which also wore fast, but not this bad. Is anyone else having this wear problem.