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  1. LarryTJ

    Common cabin noises and fixes?

    When you have an opportunity read attached thread (how to sound deaden the interior of your TJ). I installed a HOthead Head Liner on my hard top and added insulation through out the entire TJ and can...
  2. LarryTJ

    California OEM Rear Bumper

    Buyer pays shipping or pick up locally.
  3. LarryTJ

    California OEM Front bumper recovery hooks w/hardware

    Buyer pays shipping or pick up locally.
  4. LarryTJ

    California Tailgate Bumper Bump Stop Set of 4 w/Hardware

    Buyer pays for shipping or pick up locally.
  5. LarryTJ

    California Jerry Can Mount

    Buyer pays for shipping or pick up locally.
  6. LarryTJ

    California Dusy Ershim Run 2022

    Those are some nice trout! Great pics!!
  7. LarryTJ

    Tox's dream trailer

    Which brand is that? Has that Cummins color.
  8. LarryTJ

    GenRight or UCF engine skid plate?

    I made an engine skid purchase (within the last 3 months) with UCF but prior to shipment changed my mind and decided to go with a full skid and called UCF (Matt) and he canceled the order told me exactly which full skid would work. In summary, I thought the UCF customer service was great. Savvy...
  9. LarryTJ

    California Stainless Steel Light Bracket

    Pair of stainless steel light brackets. Buyer pays for shipping.
  10. LarryTJ

    Tox's dream trailer

    It’s so nice when your younger and can sack out in a hammock and repeat day in day out. Traveling campground to campground is a great way to see the surrounding area, meet new folks, and take in all the sites of the surrounding area. When my son was in grade school and high school the Mrs. I and...
  11. LarryTJ

    Tox's dream trailer

    Awesome idea and great to see it coming to fruition!! I bet you and the Mrs. are sleepless at night waiting for completion and get on the road. Cant wait to see it in person @ TJ Fest 2023. Now lets talk about important stuff like Bratwurst and if the refrigerator is large enough for another...
  12. LarryTJ

    SOLD Jeep Wrangler TJ HardTop

    FITS 1997-2006 JEEP WRANGLER TJ. Outside is in great condition, the inside window tint is peeling, the inside carpet could need a refresh or remove and replace with RAPTOR Liner or something similar.
  13. LarryTJ

    How bad is it to drive with a Detroit locker on the rear?

    Great point, that CJ-7 I had probably was an early Detroit and it was awesome off road but hard surface occasionally was not exactly desirable.
  14. LarryTJ

    How bad is it to drive with a Detroit locker on the rear?

    I also had a Detroit locker in my prior CJ-7. For me it took getting use to accelerating and the Jeep would have a slight pull and same with deceleration but opposite of accelerating. But if it was me and had a choice and my Jeep was a daily driver I would go with a selectable locker rather than...
  15. LarryTJ

    Let's see your TJ in your garage

    Thanks, and that splash of color and the price I paid for the Jeep is what drew me to it. I have to give the hood paint scheme credit to the PO, and its actually Silver TJ so that blue pops.
  16. LarryTJ

    Rebuilding my 32RH transmission (fully successfully)

    I thought your son did a great job filming, thanks for sharing! My son probably would have been entertaining himself filming everything else beside the transmission,
  17. LarryTJ

    Rebuilding my 32RH transmission (fully successfully)

    Are you running a transmission cooler? I was off roading a month ago and it was 85-90 (no wind) moving along 5-15 mpg and the 42RLE (138K Miles on it - not sure if any PO overhauled it) shifting not as smooth as usual so I suspect it was a little over heated. So I'm probably going to install...
  18. LarryTJ

    Who would do this?

    Didn't this guy get eaten (along with his Gal) and shitted out?
  19. LarryTJ

    Rebuilding my 32RH transmission (fully successfully)

    I started reading from the start on your project re-build and couldn't stand the suspense to know if you completed the job (I need to start over from where I left off) but awesome job chronologically labeling all the parts in separate baggies and it looks like you referenced the page of the FSM...
  20. LarryTJ

    Let's see your TJ in your garage

    At one time I was thinking of installing a four post and have one lifted and one underneath but haven't pulled the trigger on that endeavor and besides my old Navy buddy around the corner has two lifts which are always available.