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  1. SailorEd

    SOLD UCF Transfer Case Skid

    I have a zero-mileage UCF Transfer Case Skid for '03-'06 TJ/LJ, "Extra-Clearance Carbon Steel". Retails for $337.00 and I'm looking to get $300 for it... we all win! It's perfect condition and I only snugged it up to the bottom to check things out but it's not for me at this point in my build...
  2. SailorEd

    Guessing this was an alarm once

    I was removing the dash on my way to install LEDs in the cluster and HVAC switches (highly recommend it btw!) and case across this wiring harness. Old alarm harness? Looks to have been well/properly installed (meaning not a butcher job) and all that’s left is a relay, two fuses, and the plug...
  3. SailorEd

    Hello from Ventura!

    Hello! After being in CA for a few years I finally picked up a Jeep last year and really enjoy all areas of CA now. I'm a fairly experienced wheeler that prefers moderate trails over snapped axles! Have explored lots of day rides in the Angeles NF, and camped in Death Valley and Joshua Tree…...