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    The virtues of having a winch

    When you see that much recently moved dirt and a shovel nearby, tread carefully anywhere the ground is not visible!! 😂
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    Champion RC12ECC spark plugs

    Thx guys. Stock OE spec has worked fine to this point. No reason to solve a problem that aint there! Just thought ckg wouldn’t hurt! 👍
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    Champion RC12ECC spark plugs

    My 1999 4.0 Jeep TJ has the Champion plug RC12ECC right on the label under the hood. I ve been running these and typically change them at 40-50K miles and they still look great. Gap might grow a little but can’t see a change in engine performance or measurable mpg. Due for another plug change...
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    Tach and speedometer not working

    I have the same problem. Seems to occur more often when sunny weather and dash gets hot. Any idea how difficult to get to those connections? Anyone have the 1999 TSB number? Good luck with yours.
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    Stroker build video series

    Anyone serious about building a striker should do some reading and calculations on DCR (dynamic compression ratio). This is a more meaningful compression ratio consideration as it takes the camshaft timing (duration, overlap and valve openings) into the calculation. The DCR will zero you in on...
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    Swapping my old AX15 for a new one

    Remember that straight 6 has good low end torque, rarely do I need to go down 3 gears…. Usually 1 or 2. In mine those changes typically easier than spinning everything in the tranny with a 3 gear down moving shifting! But I m an old guy too so never in a hurry !
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    Anyone Running 33" Pizza Cutters?

    Yokahoma MT G003 in 255-85-16. Running 26 lbs of air and on Alcoa (MT) 16x8 wheels. Happy with them.
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    Swapping my old AX15 for a new one

    My AX15 has 206K and I bought my 1999 new. I ve changed gear lube every 60k and shifts great. I m using RL MTL rather than MT as my research showed it helped more especially in cold weather. It’s not cheap but I d drain it and give the MTL a try. Unless the PO /s abused that AX15 it should...
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    Questions about new tires and what will fit

    I personally make a mental note on all these businesses who are gouging the h _ _ _ out of people right now…. It might be a number of years but when they re scrounging for business at the next bottom of the business cycle guess what….. they can go belly up before I spend with them! I ll pay a...
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    Hack and tap 231 question

    Blackjack, I was trying to think through all that too but lucked out and output shaft splines in good shape. Drive flange ( it’s aluminum) had all the wear so the new one went on good and tight; yeah !!
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    Hack and tap 231 question

    $90 for new drive plate and everything tight again. If it goes another 60-70K I ll be tickled.
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    Put 35s on

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    Hack and tap 231 question

    Had a post a couple weeks ago getting some help on H&T. After more research here’s a question I have…. Ordered a new drive flange and going to pull driveline and old plate off. It appears the wear/wobble I have is at the existing drive flange but don’t know if t/c output shaft splines wore or...
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    Valvoline Maxlife

    About 6500-7000 sustained rpm in low gear will get it to leak sooner or later!! 😂
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    Questions about SYE with double cardan driveshaft

    My driveshaft is splined behind the double cardavan but not seeing your photo showing that?
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    Questions about SYE with double cardan driveshaft

    Trying attachment again …. 🤪 If it doesn’t come through it looks the same as your photo.
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    Questions about SYE with double cardan driveshaft

    Yes, I believe it’s called a hack and tap. And yes, mine looks the same as the photoed one! See attached. Thx for help, I m hopeful the plate is “softer” material than the splined output shaft!!
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    Questions about SYE with double cardan driveshaft

    The “plate” as I call it that we ordered for replacement is the Rubicon Express RE1807. Hopefully this add l info helps out. Thx
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    Questions about SYE with double cardan driveshaft

    Have a Rubicon Express double cardavan driveshaft on my 99 TJ and a SYE setup. Had to replace the u-joints about 8-10 yrs ago and now starting to clatter/shake again. Upon further investigation it appears the u-joints still ok but the splined plate on the front of the driveshaft that bolts to...
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    What should I bring when driving my TJ from Alaska to Nevada?

    Extra gas, extra vehicle fluids ( oil, atf, antifreeze? Etc), minor repair tools, pliers, screwdrivers, hacksaw, etc, and food/drinks. As someone mentioned, any maintenance done prior to trip make sure you drive it for a week or two to make sure no problems. Doing or having work done and...