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    Solar Shingles?
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    Sad but true

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    Crazy story
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    1914 motorhome
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    Mega millions

    What would you do if you were lucky enough to win Friday? The first thing I would do is I would photocopy the ticket. And put the real ticket in a very safe place then I'd go see my lawyer. I would have her set up a trust for the money to go into. That way nobody would know that I won. Then I...
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    Strange couple

    Who would want this?
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    I learn something new everyday

    Tell the truth did you know this?
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    Ray Liotta passed away

    Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies.
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    Towing gone wrong
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    Don't blame it on lightening

    You should know better than eat at Taco Bell.
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    Sickest story

    I was listening to the magic radio when the guy talked about this: Sick
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    Has anyone been to a geneticist?

    Do they run tests or just ask questions about your great great grandfather?
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    Ethanol free gas vs ethanol gas

    I was at Buc-ee's in Florida the other day they had both types of gas. My question is is since the non ethanol gas gives better gas mileage what is the price point above ethanol gas that makes sense?
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    Anyone getting a portable generator?

    You might want to read this
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    Anyone watching the Olympics

    I heard the ratings are more in the toilet then they have been in the past.
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    I've been called the King of worthless information, and I've also been told by people I know if they were on a game show I would be their lifeline. So if you're a fan of useless information watch Meatloaf talk about the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas. Everyone who was alive at the time...
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    What game systems, and favorite games?

    My first game system came with different overlays for the TV. The only real game was Pong. Than I got a Texas instruments game system with cassettes.The Atari 2600 was a huge improvement over the others. I played that to death. I had a PS1, then a PS2 after that the games became to hard for an...