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  1. JEEP GC

    Control for A/C on 97 TJ not working

    We just replaced the AC compressor on the TJ and system charged with no leaks. The problem we are having is the the AC only blows cold through the defrost windshield ducts. No air flow through dash vents. Any thoughts on a fix? Maybe faulty controls? Vacuum leak?
  2. JEEP GC

    Will an AX15 transmission from a 97 TJ fit into a 93 YJ?

    Would anyone know if a 1997 TJ 4.0l 5spd transmission fit into a 93 YJ. If so are there any modifications that need to be made. Thanks
  3. JEEP GC

    1997 TJ Dana M35 3.55 Rebuild Help

    OK Guys...Dropped a spider gear on the concrete and failed to notice a fracture before I installing it. The spider broke causing damage to all the gears including the pinion and open carrier. After recovering from my emotional break-down I find myself in a re-build funk and need opinions and...
  4. JEEP GC

    Dana 35 Disaster After Rebuild

    You guys have been extremely helpful on my journey with the TJ rebuild so far but NEED ADDITIONAL HELP 1997 TJ 5-Spd 4x4 Background: Recently installed a RC double cardan drive shaft and a drop spacer (to drop skid plate under trans). 33's with a RC 4" lift Everything ran perfect....for...
  5. JEEP GC

    New Crate Engine Oil After Break-In

    Recently installed a new S&J 4.0L engine in my 1997 TJ 4x4 5-Spd. Used their recommended break-in oil for the 1st. 500 miles. What oil should I use after the initial break-in period...Thanks
  6. JEEP GC

    Is there a market for a used AX15 transmission?

    I pulled out the transmission from my '97 TJ 5-Spd 4X4 and replaced it with a new AX-15. The transmission had 250,400 miles on it and it was working fine before pulling out. We went with a new unit because we installed a new crate engine and figured..."what the hell", why not replace the trans...
  7. JEEP GC

    1997 TJ Rear Differential Help

    Rebuilding my TJ rear differential with all new parts (carrier, spicer gears and ect.) When I cleaned out the housing I noticed a red rubber O-ring on the opening that the axle slides into. The O-ring was shreded so I picked out the remaining pieces. Been trying to find the part # for...
  8. JEEP GC

    Farm Jack Storage

    Looking for a farm jack storage solution for my 1997 TJ. Out of all of the options available I like the roll bar mounting bracket for inside storage. Just wondering how that will affect the soft top when I put the top in the down position. Any thoughts?
  9. JEEP GC

    Rear Diff Tag Codes

    Pic of tag off my rear differential cover. Is there a place that I can decipher these #'s ? Need to replace my spider gears and want to make certain that I purchase the correct ones.
  10. JEEP GC

    How would I know if my TJ has a DSA anti-spin differential rear axle?

    How would I know if my TJ has a DSA Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle
  11. JEEP GC

    1997 TJ Dana 35 Noise / Thuds

    Background Data: 255,000 mi. on the TJ New 4.0 L from S&J New AX-15 Transmission 5-spd All engine components NEW (starter, alternator, ect) 4"lift w/ 33's New fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror Original Rear End - Dana 35 w/ 255,000 miles Son said that in 1st. and 2nd. gear he...
  12. JEEP GC

    Check Gauges light came on

    Check gauges light came on. Amps gauge moved to 19 ( all the way to right) Any ideas?
  13. JEEP GC

    Driveshaft angle after 4 inch lift install

    Completed the Rough Country 4" lift and need opinion on rear shaft angle. Is it supposed to be like this?
  14. JEEP GC

    Rims & Tires for TJ - 4" Rough Country Lift

    Trying to pull the trigger on rims and tires for my TJ w/ 4" Rough Country lift. Hitting a brick wall trying to decide on a combination that will look good and still perform well as a DD and an occasional off-road weekend. I'm leaning towards 33's A/T Nitto Any suggestions ?
  15. JEEP GC

    Does a bolt go into the power steering pump pulley?

    OK...does a bolt go into the power steering pump pulley. The service manual doesn't show an illustration.
  16. JEEP GC

    97 TJ Power Steering Pulley Thread

    Trying to replace the power steering pump pulley with a rented puller. I striped the heck out of the bolt that gets threaded into the pulley [hole] ?) Anyone know ttheexact thread / size of this
  17. JEEP GC

    Are TJ interior configurations identical?

    Are TJ interior configurations identical for their full run, i.e., are dash parts interchangeable like glove box & trim. My interior finish looks like crap and the used 1997 used parts for sale are even worst.
  18. JEEP GC

    Dash ground?

    1997 TJ Would anyone know where this dash ground goes. Radio?
  19. JEEP GC

    Unknown Hose

    Can anyone identify what this hose does and where it needs to be connected to. Looks like a breather coming from the front gear box on my 1997 TJ 4.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  20. JEEP GC

    HELP with Setting Crank Shaft Pulley to ZERO

    New engine and transmission back in. I thought that I set the distributor correctly before putting it back in but it wont start. I'm assuming the timing is off. Took off the distributor to check and attempted to turn the crank shaft pully back to zero but it wont budge. I don't want to...