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  1. joe98tj

    Solo wheeling vs clubs

    Definitely some public trails in mass but the best stuff is private. Well worth joining a club. Not all clubs are equal and not all clubs are bringing out 10-15 jeeps every trail run.
  2. joe98tj

    Solo wheeling vs clubs

    Nice, I'm with northeast jeep. I also know Stephan K. The club I'm in has cut a bunch of the trails up at the campgrounds he's a part of in Colebrook CT.
  3. joe98tj

    Solo wheeling vs clubs

    Beat me by 6 minutes lol I would say its slightly different over here in CT now. Which club are you a part of?
  4. joe98tj

    Solo wheeling vs clubs

    In the northeast, it is required to be a part of a club to consistently do any kind of decent wheeling and the more fun camping/wheeling adventures are reserved for members of clubs. The club I am in is in the NEA (northeast association of 4wd clubs) and not NOVA (northeast offroad vehicle...
  5. joe98tj

    Any bass fisherman on here?

    Love fishing for bass but unfortunately the fishing here in CT isn't all that great. I travel up to Lake Dammariscotta in Maine to get my fix in.
  6. joe98tj

    Who double ducked me?

    Didn't happen to me. Happened to some family up in Massachusetts.
  7. joe98tj

    Who double ducked me?

    Saw this on a local facebook page: Has anyone ever been assaulted for ducking someone's jeep? Asking because last night after being ducked I passed along the long to another jeep. The owner then proceeded to follow my wife, kids, and myself to the gas station. He blocked us in and started...
  8. joe98tj

    Propane tank strapped underneath

    dual fuel 2.5L, interesting
  9. joe98tj

    New member finally joined

    Welcome from CT. How did you like 508? I'm waiting to see if they will develop more full size trails or continue to ride heavy on the mx side of it. Until then, plenty of other stuff to run for folks who are a part of a club.
  10. joe98tj

    Upgrade opinions

    Also, if you are in the area, our club is hosting a cruise night tonight at Cabela's. The guy selling the jeep won't be there as he just had knee surgery but you could come out and meet some local folks
  11. joe98tj

    Upgrade opinions

    A guy in my jeep club is selling a clean TJ. IDK where you are at but he lives down in Sandy Hook. It is a very well maintained rig with only 70k on the dash.
  12. joe98tj

    Does anyone know if 12v guy is still in business?

    Appears to be out of business: These folks make a quality product and are great to deal with. I would reach out to them with what you are looking for. you will just have to figure out the wiring yourself...
  13. joe98tj

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    That's the second TJ tub on a YJ frame I've seen this month. Must be a new trend....
  14. joe98tj

    What's a good sounding exhaust for the TJ?

    Stock. Man do I miss it.
  15. joe98tj

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    This guy lives near me. Saw this scrolling through a local facebook group the other day.
  16. joe98tj

    New 19 Gallon Fuel Pump Installed on '99 Sahara Is Actually for 15 Gallon Tank!

    Its kinda nice driving around for awhile and not seeing the fuel gauge move off of full.
  17. joe98tj

    Is "12VoltGuy" outta business?

    This sucks to see. He used to always provide our club with a nice winch controller to raffle off at our annual meetings. One year he even donated a very cool multi switch/ignition panel for a buggy with our club logo engraved. I have one of his winch controllers in my jeep and love it. Like...
  18. joe98tj

    8.8 swap questions

    Running an 8.8, my biggest issue was the pumpkin hit the gas tank skid with a solid diff cover. I never tried another diff cover so I don't know if a different brand wont hit, I just went with a stretch tank from genright.
  19. joe98tj

    March Trip to Moab

    Tower arch was one of my favorite spots out there.
  20. joe98tj


    Gotta wheel there while ya can! Been seeing some reports the tree huggers are looking to shut down OHV use there.