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  1. Tjrubicon

    Steering box bolt broke

    So I saw one of the bolts on my steering box was not fully tightened and it snapped when I gave it a turn. I even sprayed Kroil oil on it hours before I I tried to tighten it. Any idea what bolt I need and where I can find a replacement once I drill this one out. It’s the rear most bolt. Thanks.
  2. Tjrubicon

    Will JL Rubicon springs fit a 2003 TJR?

    A friend of mine is about to add a lift to his JL Rubicon and I’m wondering if his stock springs will fit my TJ. Has anyone put the springs from a JLR on a TJR ? How much lift does it give you?
  3. Tjrubicon

    Help adjusting or fixing automatic shifter linkage

    I have run into an issue and need some advice. I replaced my rear driveshaft with an Adams today and after I was finished I went to drive the Jeep and the shifter felt stiffer but went into drive and I drove off. Well I went to turn around and realized the shifter would not go into 2nd or 1st...
  4. Tjrubicon

    15” vs 16” wheels and BS

    I’m looking to change out to a new wheel and tire and curious if i could get some info and opinions so I can make the right choice the first time. Some info on the Jeep. 03 Rubicon with 3” lift. My wife and I will not be driving the jeep daily but it will be driven a few times a week around...
  5. Tjrubicon

    Should I buy or walk away?

    Hello forum. I’m new here and looking to put myself in my first jeep and hoping for some help. I’ve always loved trail riding and ready to move away from the ATV/UTV world and into a TJ. Unfortunately There’s not many to choose from around here but I come across an 03 Rubicon with 95,000 miles...