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  1. TJW

    Engine ground problem (I think)

    1998 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 L I left my lights on for the whole night in the dead of winter and killed my battery. (a relatively new battery) A week later (weekend jeep driver) I tried starting and just got a clickity-click out of it, so I tried using an old jumper pack and still nothing. I thought...
  2. TJW

    Switching to a 4WD cable

    1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ I had the problem of the transfer case getting stuck in 4W High. The mechanic says the person (previous owner) should have installed a drop down bracket for the shifter to keep the linkage level. The mechanic tightened the linkage and it's working fine again, but he says...
  3. TJW

    Anyone have one of these Bus Bars to power their winch?

    Hi, I have a strange looking bus bar with 3 - 50amp ganged circuit breakers on the positive battery post. This is to power the winch shown below. I do not see any specs on the winch to know if this is what I really need to protect the winch from drawing too much current. Anyone had any...
  4. TJW

    Fender replacement advice

    Hi, I'm planning to replace both fenders with new ones on my 1998 tj. Can anyone with that experience tell me what "extras" do I need to have on hand just in case the removal process breaks stuff. Like, do the plastic nuts hold up OK for replacement? How about extra screws, bolts etc. ...
  5. TJW

    Do you recommend a winch stop?

    Do you folks recommend a winch stop? It seems there's no end to accessories. As one member put it "empty your pockets"
  6. TJW

    New Member from Ontario, Canada

    Hi Folks, I just joined on Friday, and just bought a 1998 TJ 4.0L. First day out was to see if I could get to my hunt camp. No problem crossing a monster rock and a flowing creek. Second day out, got my initiation into "stuck in the mud" scenario. Had to use my winch to get myself out. (luckily...
  7. TJW

    Where can I buy a TJ operators manual?

    Hi folks, I just bought a 1998 TJ. No manuals with the purchase. Anyone know where I can buy an operator manual for 1998 TJ Jeep wrangler? (A web link would be great) Also, what would you consider to be the best Maintenance manual for general mechanics and wiring?