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  1. Bearatthelake

    Opinions on BullDawg and Bestop hard upper half doors

    I am thinking about getting new 1/2 door sliding windows for my 97 wrangler. Have looked at Best Top and BullDawg. Was wondering if anyone has either one and would give a review on one or both. I have a spice color Best Top soft top on my keep now. Was wondering if BullDawg spice matches up...
  2. Bearatthelake

    Transporting a TJ hardtop

    will a TJ hard top fit in the bed of a pick up for transport.
  3. Bearatthelake

    No oil pressure while accelerating

    Have any ideals on what the problem could be ? Oil pressure drops to 0 when accelerating at about 2000 rmps, then comes back to normal happens from 1st / 2nd and then again from 2nd to 3th . Holds steady 40 At 50/60 mph.
  4. Bearatthelake

    Bull Dawg hard top

    Anyone own or have owned a BullDawg hardtop and half doors? Thinking about buying and would like any pro or cons about this manufacture.
  5. Bearatthelake

    18” wheels on TJ

    I Just bought a 1997 TJ. I can get a set of 18” Wheels off a 2007 Sahara JK. Any pros or cons for putting these wheels on the TJ?