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    New buggy project

    Little project I been working on, trying to get ready for a Thanksgiving shakedown run. Nothing fancy just a lightweight, narrow buggy. Should bee pretty capable. Jason

    Rubicon worth the extra money?

    Just wondering is the mighty Rubicon actually worth the extra money they cost? I have never owned one personally but all of my Jeeps get aftermarket parts/upgrades put on them anyway that are actually better than the factory stuff. IE axles, gear sets, suspension, bumpers, transfer case, larger...

    Where do the 2 rear straps on a bikini / safari attach to?

    Where do the 2 rear straps on a bikini/safari attach to the jeep at? I don't see any footman loops or brackets to run it to, my new TJ is a hardtop model. Jason

    What type of wheels are these?

    Can anyone tell me what type of wheels these are by the center cap? They are 8 hole and look to be billet, I just purchased this TJ and that's what came on it. Thanks, Jason

    Anyone use a Motorcraft FL1A Oil Filter?

    May have been asked before, but does anyone use a FL1A oil filter on there 4.0 and if so are there any problems with doing it?

    Seat Riser

    Anybody have any input on aftermarket seat risers for a TJ and if so what size did you go with?

    Checking in from Music City USA (Nashville TN)

    Just found this site a few days ago and really like what I am seeing so far, been driving Jeeps since the mid 70s. Had a 1974 CJ 5 as my first daily driver and have pretty much had one in the stable ever since. Enjoy all types of off roading , have a V6 powered tube buggy rock crawler and an XP...