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  1. Lax22

    SOLD Warn TJ Stubby Bumper

    Warn stubby winch bumper for 97-2006 TJ and LJ Jeep Wrangler. Comes with fog lights and winch mount. Great condition bought for a project and decided not to use it looking to get $180
  2. Lax22

    Maryland 16x8 steel wheels and rebar rings

    I have 4 steel 16x8 rock crawler rims for sale. They have been used and have rock rash/dings. They come with 4 16 inch #4 rebar rings from mudsupply that can be welded to the rims lips to help reinforce them. I was going to keep them but switched to aluminum. Looking to get $150 for everything...
  3. Lax22

    WTB: 2 stock injectors for 2000 XJ

    I need a pair of stock fuel injectors for a 2000 4.0l if Anyone has any functional ones sitting on a shelf they aren’t using. Thanks.
  4. Lax22

    Jeep Tub swap 2006 tub on 2003 frame and drivetrain.

    What parts would need to be swapped in order to get a 2006 tub to work with a 2003 engine and frame?Thinking the main difference is the dash wiring but could be wrong. Anyone have any experience doing this swap? Did you have to change the dash/tub harness or did everything plug and play? Thanks!
  5. Lax22

    WTB: 1.25 wheel spacers

    Looking for a set of wheel spacers 1.25 inch and hub centric would be preferred. Looking for 5x4.5 to 5x4.5. Thanks!
  6. Lax22

    Need to sell one, which should I keep?

    I may need to sell one of my wranglers. Both are rubicons and rust free. One is an 03 TJ with an auto, built up and wheeled so not pretty, but only has 121,000 miles and a jasper trans and t-case. Also has BMB hydro assist, 4.88 gears, rcv shafts, and savvy/UCF high clearance skids. The...
  7. Lax22

    SOLD Price reduced: 2004 Jeep Unlimited (LJ) low miles stock

    Listing this for my friends dad but I have driven and seen this Jeep and can attest to its condition. It’s a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, also called an LJ. This is a 2 owner Jeep, the current owner is in his 70s and bought it from a local dealer some time ago. He has mainly used this as a...
  8. Lax22

    Maryland PCM, SKIM module, SKIM key, and ignition cylinder (2001 Jeep XJ 4.0 auto)

    Long shot but I have these parts from an 01 xj I parted out. Jeep ran well, It was a 4.0l automatic. Figured if someone here wanted to retrofit a SKIM system to their 00-01 xj they could find this useful. Not sure if it will work on TJs of the same year. Looking for $200 shipped or best offer.
  9. Lax22

    SOLD Steinjager Transfer Case Cable Shifter

    Transfer case cable shifter. Used and worked great, was on an 03 TJ wrangler X with an NP231. It needs 4 bolts and nuts for the trans tunnel bracket, otherwise it’s complete. Looking to get 145 shipped.
  10. Lax22

    SOLD Price drop, Auto 2003 TJ Wrangler X (Rust Free)

    My brother is selling his 2003 Moss Green TJ X. It’s a 4.0L 42rle auto trans, 128,000 miles, dana 30/35 with stock 3.73 gears and no 231 transfer case. We swapped a new frame onto this Jeep and refreshed a lot of parts in the process. The cooling system has been refreshed with a new radiator...
  11. Lax22

    Maryland Trade AEM intake for stock

    I have an AEM Dry Flow intake that I’d like to trade for a complete 05-06 stock intake. Currently on an 06 TJ Unlimited. Obviously local is preferable although that may be a long shot.
  12. Lax22

    Bought an LJ

    found a great deal on a 1 owner 2006 LJ Rubicon yesterday. 6-speed manual and Pretty much rust free. Going to be a fun project, my second LJ but I’ve never owned any TJ or LJ newer than 04. I’m aware of the OPDA issues but with 236k I’ll run it till it needs to be addressed. It sounds damn good...
  13. Lax22

    Thread engagement on unit bearing with RCV shafts

    I rebuilt the front end in 2018 with timken bearings, last year I discovered that the passenger side had play in it after a wheeling trip so I replaced it in June 2020. Doing some maintenance this past weekend, I again discovered the same amount of play in the passenger side bearing. Now I’m...
  14. Lax22

    03-06 TJ steering box sector shaft thread size?

    Need to chase the threads on my rubicon steering box sector shaft. Just looking for confirmation on the thread size and pitch so I can get the proper die for the job. Did some research and found someone who said it’s 7/8-14 but they were talking about a zj box. Is this correct for our boxes as...
  15. Lax22

    03 X frame swap and freshen up

    A couple months ago I went to buy some parts from a guy that was parting out an 03 TJ. I had only intended on buying the steering box for a hydro assist project and I ended up buying the whole Jeep. it’s an 03 TJ X with 124k miles, 4.0 Auto, working AC, new Bestop soft top, and a rust free...
  16. Lax22

    Lax22’s 03 TJ Rubicon - East Coast Trail Rig

    Just joined the forum from Maryland and figured I’d introduce myself and provide a backstory. Not really new to jeeps or forums, it’s just been awhile since I’ve been on one and I don’t deal with social media so here we are. Here is the story of how I came to own my current TJ. Over the last...