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    Bring your trailer sold prices?

    Been venturing there for a potential old 4x4 truck purchase. Im finding it hard to believe what some of the sold prices claim to be. Last night I stumbled on a early 70ies crew cab dodge power wagon that sold for $232,000. Sure it was restored with a hemi installed but...but.. a clean original...
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    Driveshaft weirdness

    So in the last week or so Ive been under a 17 Ram 1500 4x4 and a a 21 Bronco working on them. Either of these had a Ball type U joint if you can call it that. Never seen anything like it myself. The Ram,s front drive line at the T case and the Bronco at both ends of the rear DS. Has what looks...
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    Cali and spontaneous combustion

    Yes, its so hot in Cali the forest if catching on fire by itself.......again. Much like the thought process of a particular northern AZ town we used to live in where the mayor claimed "yes, we have a trash problem" The truth is you have a people problem. Tourists and some locals could give 2...
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    Built for "off roading"

    So this is gonna piss off plenty but it is what it is. Ive had Jeeps for decades as well as just about every other brand/make/type of 4x4,yes Im older, so Im not being a brand X snob either, but when I read posts and hear kiddies that say the jeep was manufactured for "off roading" I snicker. So...
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    Anyone own a 610 Bobcat Skid steer?

    Working on a friends 610, got 99% of the repairs done. Anyone know what needs to come apart to R&R the Alternator belt off the drive pulley?
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    Will used vehicle prices ever come back to earth?

    I watched my pops sit on his arse for 35 years after he retired rotting away until he passed forgetting how to even change oil in his truck. I cant go there myself and need to stay mentally and mechanically challenged. For decades ive flipped about 5 vehicles a year after fixing them as a hobby...
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    Cataclysmic converter chastity belt?

    I had to laugh when I saw an ad here for a C/C chastity belt. Seriously? Our Scumbags that desperate? I thought junk/scrap yards would not buy these because they are a hot item for the douchebag thieves trying to make a buck.
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    Bad CB coax cable?

    Man am I getting frustrated here and some of you are very competent in CB's and comm's so my question. I have a fairly new Midland 101LWX, Firestick 4' antenna and using a Firestick "fire ring" coax. I cannot get close to acceptable SWR reads and Ive relocated the antenna twice. The Fire ring...