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  1. hardtailpan

    Picked up a 32RH transmission today for $100

    I've been keeping track of the thread @U8MYDZT has ( about rebuilding the 32RH because I have to pull the motor in my Apex, and the transmission is POURING transmission fluid out, though it seems to function ok. Both the motor...
  2. hardtailpan

    Massachusetts Subwoofer Center Console in Khaki

    Folks, for your consideration, a Khaki (J3) center console with the factory subwoofer option. Someone has already stuck a kicker speaker in there as can be seen in the pics. The amp and the factory plug is still in place as well. It's in pretty decent shape, though you can see some wear on...
  3. hardtailpan

    Anyone ever hear of a engine rebuilder called Sawco?

    I just found and purchased a 4.0l motor for my Apex. It's an 02 out of a WJ with the "tupy" head. When I was looking it over I found these little coin like deals attached to freeze plug on the motor, and one on the freeze plug at the back of the head. They say "Sawco void if removed." I've...
  4. hardtailpan

    FREE Take off suspension parts for free, no shipping

    Hi all, I inherited these take off parts and its obvious to me I won't use them. I thought about listing for sale but if these can help someone I'd rather just donate them to the cause. I was given a nice set of Ravine wheels a while back so I figure I'd try to pay it forward. Pick up near...
  5. hardtailpan

    Any demand or market for used take-off suspension parts?

    I was given a basket full of used take off parts from a lift kit install on a low mileage TJ Rubicon. I pulled out the rear driveshaft and some RE lower control arms that might be worth a little something, but I also have the factory control arms and springs. Is there any market for these...
  6. hardtailpan

    Fun pulling a Hemi

    Finally found some time to start pulling the hemi, computer and harness out of the rustbucket RAM. Not the most fun I've ever had pulling a motor. Feeding, disconnecting, and separating the harness is a pain since its my first time doing one of these. I managed to get it all disconnected with...
  7. hardtailpan

    WTB: 2002-2004 Jeep 4.0 motor somewhat near central massachusetts

    Hi All: I'm looking for a 4.0 motor from 2002-2004 (TUPY head) that is ready to drop into my new TJ. Cash works and I also have some stuff to swap if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  8. hardtailpan

    Questions about body, motor mounts, suspension lift, tires, and more

    The Apex TJ I just picked up needs to be sorted out. It currently has a 2.5" body lift with 32x11.5x15 tires on 10" wide rims. I haven't measured, but I'm quite sure there is no spring/suspension lift in it whatsoever. It's the 32RH automatic (3 speed), 4.0L six, with dana30/35 axles with...
  9. hardtailpan

    Anybody recognize these control arms?

    A friend of mine just sold his jeep and gave me some of his extra parts. Included in this is a barrel full of take offs from a rubicon that had a lift put on it at 50k miles. In this barrel were these control arms. Anyone identify these? Any good? Something you'd put on your jeep even if...
  10. hardtailpan

    I'd like to crush all of their little skulls!

    I hate mice so much, just found this in my airbox....
  11. hardtailpan

    Does a 2003 WJ Cherokee 4.0 motor fit into a 2002 TJ?

    I know this is covered in this and many other forums. It appears that from what i've read, this should be a direct bolt in. That being said, I found a motor that is a decent deal and comes with some extras, but its about a 3 hour ride each way. So, before I go get it, can someone verify with...
  12. hardtailpan

    Picked up another TJ!

    I've been searching for a TJ that would be a good hemi swap candidate. I've looked at tons of em. Since I'm in the rust belt, they were at best questionable and at worst, complete junk. I got lucky and ran into an '02 Apex edition. Lots of miles (199k), the motor is banging away, probably a...
  13. hardtailpan

    SOLD 1999 Jeep Tj sport 4.0 5 speed

    Hi all, My friend is selling this so I figured I'd post it on the forum. The facebook link is below. I know not everyone has facebook but this is how he wants to advertise it. I'm pretty familiar with this rig and it is very clean with a solid frame and body (Green). No frame repairs, low...
  14. hardtailpan

    Dakota bellhousing

    Well, this happened today. I've posted a couple of times about wanting to do a hemi swap. I even had a hemi truck for a bit until it turned out the sucker was seized solid. Anyway, I picked up a 97 3.9l magnum Dakota motor complete with AX15 transmission for $200 today. So, now I have the...
  15. hardtailpan

    Hemi Conversion: Does it matter if donor truck is a 3/4 ton vs a 1/2 ton?

    So, I found another possible hemi donor truck. This motor runs, but its in a 3/4 ton. I don't *think* there is any difference in the motors between 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton, but if someone knows better, please let me know. Also, from a motor swap legality standpoint, is it legal to swap a motor...
  16. hardtailpan

    WTB: PX8 OEM Used Black front fenders for TJ

    I figure this is worth a shot. I've tried car-part com but haven't found a yard outside the rust belt that will ship to Massachusetts. I'd like to buy a pair of black (PX8) used, rust free and damage free front fenders from outside the rust belt. Think California, Arizona, Texas, etc. The...
  17. hardtailpan

    Is this 2004 Dodge Ram a good Hemi donor?

    So, my best friend found a 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi truck which I can basically have for the cost of towing to my house, say $100. My Jeep is a 2004. This I believe means they are both PCI bus. The hemi in the truck doesn't run and has about 200k miles. It's not clear why it doesn't run. My...
  18. hardtailpan

    Jeep Willys Seats

    So, I picked up an excellent full set of 3 jeep willy's camo seats yesterday with the intention of using them in my sahara as my seats are very very stained from the PO. They weren't crazy expensive, and I just picked em' up cause they were relatively close and in very good shape. Looking on...
  19. hardtailpan

    Can I mix Zerex G-05 and Mopar MS9769 coolant?

    I have a gallon of each and was planning on doing a system flush and changing my hoses over labor day. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be ok to mix em', but I'm questioning that reasoning. Anybody do this? Anybody see a reason not to, other than it will create a weird color?
  20. hardtailpan

    WTB: Black TJ hood near central Massachusetts

    As the title states I'm looking for a black TJ hood in good condition. I'm near Worcester MA and would travel for about an hour or so to pick one up