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  1. AndyG

    Front and rear bump stops please refresh my memory

    Someone help me remember the difference in how these install- I was ordering some and they said fit front and rear- It seems like I remember having to push them in in the front and bolt them on in the back or extend the cup Thank you- I have gotten some other guys into these and I’m helping...
  2. AndyG

    Recovery Death (Please Read)

    I unknowingly duplicated a prior thread, Chris your call if it needs deleted. Sure got my attention. The driver of the truck, a Kingman, Az resident, was fatally injured when this drop hitch broke and the recoil of the strap pulled it straight into his windshield. Never hook to a ball- it is...
  3. AndyG

    32RH transmission mount replacement on 2000 TJ

    Mopar part is in hand Can someone walk me through the steps Doing this from the floor, not a lift. Thanks, Andy
  4. AndyG

    Are 6-3/4" good speaker for the console??

    What can I get my hands on easily? Mine has a fuzzy rattle?
  5. AndyG

    Revenge of the Road Kill

    So dad left me an 05 C6 Corvette, 22,500 miles. Not a vette guy but, hey give me one and I’ll try. I know these are unique cars, been around a lot of them, and they have their own quirks and downsides, fans and history, but this one is trying to kill me. First it needs a harmonic balancer...
  6. AndyG

    Knowing what business you are in

    Small business thread again- Advertising pro Bill Fromm said you need to know what business you are in. He used the railroads as an example- because he felt they missed the idea of what business they were in- he said they felt that expanding the railroad track system would grow the industry and...
  7. AndyG

    Wrangler Fix (I met the man)

    I’m posting this here and if Chris feels he needs to move it I respect that- I had the pleasure to meet Mark with WranglerFix today. We are the same age, have similar life experience, had worked for the same company and knew some of the same people. And we both are amazingly handsome. 😁...
  8. AndyG

    Jeep Invasion Checklist

    Pigeon Forge. TN Headed that way, who all is going? Checklist- - bail money - duck repellent - lifted jeep rig -cool sunglasses - cowboy boots - T shirt that says “ John Cooper is a big fat pervert” - Hello my name is Zorba name tag - breath mints - clean underwear - ear buds -...
  9. AndyG

    Dad falls apart (AndyG lawyers up)

    My 81 year old single dad was living on his own 6 weeks ago, 2 residences, 9 cars. tractors, guns etc. Had been losing weight, occasional cognitive slip ups but doing pretty good. Always was a sharp guy. Then suddenly he fell apart- within 72 hours, he was mentally gone and can’t walk. We are...
  10. AndyG

    AndyG's favorite 4 letter word: work

    I hear and see so much wrong in society, and I know all societies’ have ills, but humor me- What happened to the value of work? What do you mean Andy? A lot. First of all, work is the foundation of our personal economy- or at least always has been mine. Why in the world would people avoid it...
  11. AndyG

    What did I do wrong this time?

    First, thanks for reading this. We all have times in life we just don’t need “one more thing.” I’m pretty sure I’m there. My 81 year old single dad is basically an invalid. He has left cash in a bank a bank account, 9 cars (yes, you read that right), the typical old guy stuff, a Kubota...
  12. AndyG

    John Cooper is going to wet his pants

    Don’t even think about it John🤣🤣
  13. AndyG

    What is your philosophy of life?

    First of all as far as myself I’m not going to go to deep right away- One reason is mine is fairly situational- Secondly is all of it is not etched stone- I do try to be confident in things that I care deeply about at the same time stay open minded and flexible. I’m still learning and growing...
  14. AndyG

    The TJ at work

    @Hog and me are at the lake- metal fascia has dropped on the incoming power- we figured it had to involve a jeep so.....🤣
  15. AndyG

    How to handle complaints in construction and similar fields

    About 25 years ago I worked in retail as a service tech for a flooring store-I could fix floors but not angry customers so a guy sat me down and laid this out- - Do not defend the problem, beat around the bush or make any excuses whatsoever- go look at it right away. Time may heal wounds but...
  16. AndyG

    How to keep water out of your walls

    By firring out the siding three eights of an inch over this tyvek commercial housewrap water can never hold against the structure- It makes it mechanically impossible for water to work its way in
  17. AndyG

    How clean should a contractor be?

    Extremely. It is a sign of respect and professionalism- clients don’t always know quality, but they know what clean looks like - My advice - never stop cleaning as you remodel.
  18. AndyG

    Andy G small business adventures

    This is a fun one. Every contractor will tell you about the nightmare client, and likely most clients have their contractor stories too- I’ve heard some deusy’s. I’ve had a few over the years, and over time you see patterns and learn how to navigate the waters better- The best indicator of a...
  19. AndyG

    Why I'm self employed

    There are things about running my own business that I hate and there are things that I love- But at the end of the day being able to treat customers by my own values and make decisions based on that has been probably the most rewarding thing- My construction company cleaned out and did...
  20. AndyG

    The power of small

    My folks divorced years ago. Recently , my mother had surgery and complications at a large, regional medical center - she came close to death but made it and was released a little over a week later-they were competent enough but the blood clots could have been anticipated better (melanoma...