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  1. deadbeat son

    What kind of trailer is this?

    Came across this old trailer while exploring the area southwest of Mt. Princeton. It looks like a pretty cool trailer; shame someone felt the need to use it for target practice. Does anyone recognize what sort of trailer this is? It's definitely old, but I couldn't find a plate on it with any...
  2. deadbeat son

    Colorado Redhead Steering Gearbox '84 - '02 — Unused

    No longer available.
  3. deadbeat son

    Colorado Pearl Pass - Saturday 9/18

    I'm planning to run Pearl Pass from the south to the north on Saturday, 9/18. Right now, the plan is to drive to Gunnison Friday evening after work, Saturday morning run Pearl Pass to Aspen, then head over to Marble and the Crystal Mill, and return to the Denver area Saturday evening. Feel...
  4. deadbeat son

    Is my rear bumper worthless?

    I wanted a simple rear bumper with recovery points and a hitch to potentially tow a lightweight trailer (~ 600 - 700 lbs). I picked this one up after finding what seemed like generally positive feedback. However, I've been wondering if I made a bad choice. The bumper does tie in to the stock...
  5. deadbeat son

    FREE COLORADO - Draw-Tite receiver hitch

    Stock rear bumper and a Draw-Tite receiver hitch. Free, but you have to come get them. Both are in good condition and include mounting hardware, but could use some cosmetic sprucing up (clean and possibly a rattle can respray). I'm north of Denver in Erie.
  6. deadbeat son

    Using bar pin eliminators to adjust travel bias (other options?)

    I installed OME 933/941 springs and 60046/60048 shocks on my '02 TJ X last Friday. During the process, I pulled the jounce bumpers, installed the shocks, and completely cycled the suspension. For the front axle, I was able to get to full bump with the shocks in stalled, so they didn't require...
  7. deadbeat son

    Adjustable front track bar without drilling or additional bump?

    I'm currently building up my '02 TJ for a small 31" tire build, and I would prefer not to have to add any unnecessary length to my front bumpstops to compensate for an adjustable front track bar. Additionally, I'd prefer not to have to drill out the stock mounts (either frame or axle) in case I...
  8. deadbeat son

    OME Shock Ride Quality: 60046 / 60048 vs 60047 / 60049

    I see lots of comments from people about harsh riding OME Nitrocharger Sport shocks, but they never specify which model numbers. Occasionally, someone posts that they're very happy with their Nitrocharger Sports. Could this be a difference in the 60046/60048 OME specs for light weight vs...