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  1. dw0783

    Center console

    Did they make a non subwoofer version of the 2 piece center console?
  2. dw0783

    Looking for cruise control experts

    So I’m trying to get my cruise functional. I’ve vacuum tested everything and no issues, heater controls switch vents as well. Replaced the brake switch, checked all the servo wires to the brake switch and pcm with an ohm meter and everything is good. Haven’t pulled the airbag yet to look at the...
  3. dw0783

    5.9 swap issues

    So I finished the 5.9 swap in my 2000 and I’m having an issue. Engine runs great in park or neutral. As soon as I put it in gear and give it any gas it starts popping like crazy out the exhaust like a backfire. No codes, o2 sensors were replaced when swap was done, new fuel pump, new plugs wires...
  4. dw0783

    Correctlync tie rods

    Does anyone know of I can run to a parts store to get a replacement tie rod end for the correctlync? Trying to do an alignment and one snapped off right at the knuckle… 🤦🏼‍♂️
  5. dw0783

    Finally back in a wrangler

    Decided to switch back to a wrangler after years in a lifted zj. It’s been quite the project but I’m finally on the home stretch to get it going.