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  1. Akitadog

    Will my NP231 mate up to my NV3550?

    Quick question on fitment. NVM found it
  2. Akitadog

    Crispy Cherokee

    I saw this this morning upon arriving at work. It's sitting at the end of our road. Know anybody missing Cherokee in the Stockton area....
  3. Akitadog

    Rear Bumper Identification Help

    Can someone tell me what or who makes this bumper? Thx in advance.
  4. Akitadog

    Rezvani Tank

    I want one of these for Rezvani Tank
  5. Akitadog

    California NP231 with SYE, Woods driveline, Novak transmission shifter cable

    Np231 w/ SYE, recently resealed, from '05 Manual, 4.0 135k Woods SYE Length Driveline, 4" Lift, New Spicer UJ's. Recently rebuilt by Boyd's driveline. Novak Cable NP231 shifter w/ instructions. Powder coated brackets. All for $500 Straight shift lever sold. Local pick-up preferred. Lodi,ca
  6. Akitadog

    NP231 speedo gear issue

    Pulled my Speedometer gear and discovered it is in bad shape. Will have to get a new one. Any idea what might cause this? My speedometer worked fine never any indication this was going on.
  7. Akitadog

    Atlas shift indicator

    Well reading thru the guide it says to install the TJ shift indicator, but does not show where that will be. I found a threaded plug on the back under the rear upper protruding part and was wondering if this the right location? If not then where? Do i need this shift switch?
  8. Akitadog

    Replacement Polk Speaker

    Well as things go it would appear one of the 5.25" Polk DB5252 has a slight midrange rattle in it. Does anyone know if you can purchase these drivers individually?
  9. Akitadog

    California Ring & Pinion sets 4.56 Revo's

    4.56 for Dana 30 LP & Dana 44 rear Revolution ring and pinion sets. about 3k miles on them. In good condition. Local pickup or shipped Con US. $200 for both sets plus $10 towards shipping. Paypal payment.
  10. Akitadog

    Atlas questions

    Been digging around the jeep sites trying to get some answers on the questions AA asks when ordering a case. Next week will be ordering an Atlas II trail series transfer case. I have a couple questions though. Atlas-2-Speed-Trail-Series Select Options: Application: 2006 TJ w/ 6 spd...
  11. Akitadog

    Front tire turn clearance

    Installed 35's and was addressing the steering stops when I noticed I only have about 1/2" between the Anti-Rock and tire. I have about 1" in the rear to the lower control arm. My wheels are 16x8, 0 offset. Tires are 315/75R16. My question is how much clearance is best between components and...
  12. Akitadog

    Lower Ball Joint Grease Fittings

    My lower ball joints have these low profile grease fittings. How do you get grease into them hose won't clamp on....not much the grip?
  13. Akitadog

    Front droop limits

    I noticed that my shock bracket hits the lower arm at full droop. I was wondering if I could cut a little relief at the corner to allow it to go a bit lower without causing some unforeseen issue? The shock would then be the limiting item, which has about a 1/4" more travel right now. Would...
  14. Akitadog

    Front axle shaft movement

    I installed my long front shaft and noticed it moves forward and back when turning the knuckle, Is this normal?
  15. Akitadog

    California JKS Sway bar disconnect

    These are in good condition. 2 1/2" -6" lift. TJ $100 + 15 to ship.
  16. Akitadog

    RockJock Antirock and Front Poison Spyder Brawler front bumper

    Thinking about converting over to an Anti-Rock Sway system and was wondering if it can be done with this bumper? The bumper is a Poison Spyder Brawler. RockJock Antirock aluminum sway bar. My concern is the clearance about the frame cross tube to bumper??? Thx
  17. Akitadog

    Hard Lines Remaster to Remaster Prop Valve

    Looking for a source where I can get these hard lines, so I can replace one.? Hard lines Remaster to Remaster Prop Valve, no ABS valve. These are specific for '05 TJ.
  18. Akitadog

    Thread sealant steering cooler

    Ok, I'm installing a steering fluid cooler and was wondering what is the best sealant on the 1/4 npt sections of the fittings? PTFE paste or teflon tape held back one thread?
  19. Akitadog

    WTB: FOUND: Poison spyder winch fairlead mount

    looking for a poison spyder winch fairlead mount.
  20. Akitadog

    Looking for a set of 35's for my TJ

    Looking to make the step up to 35's. I've been modding for the upgrade and looking at what is available for my existing 16" wheels that came with the Jeep when I purchased it. I've narrowed it down to these five tires and will welcome any input on them. I'm currently running Duratracs, but...