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  1. connor grimes

    4.88 vs 5.13 for 4.0 5-speed

    I know this has been beat to do death but just wanted some clarity before buying gears. It’s been recommended that automatic owners get 5.13 for 35’s, does this hold true for 5 speed owners as well? Currently running 4.56 gears 35” tires on Dana 30/35 . Dana 35 has revolution 1541h 30 spline...
  2. connor grimes

    Currie control arms creaking a lot, time to rebuild?

    Lengthy post, have multiple questions for It's time to rebuild my Currie control arms that I've had on my Tj for about 5 years. They've never accepted grease (I've tried about once a year) but they're creaking now. I My plan is to buy the currie tool made specific for the upper and lowers job...
  3. connor grimes

    Gear shop hesitant to install 5.13 gears

    The axle shop that’s done all the work on my gearing in the past, is hesitant to install 5.13 gears on my dana 35 w/ revolution chromoly shafts 30 spline w/ e-locker. When I originally upgraded to 4.56 gears years ago I had 33’s . Now I’m looking to re -gear again to either 4.88or 5.13 gears...
  4. connor grimes

    Finally picked up a hardtop but my tub doesn't have rear holes drilled out

    Just picked up a factory hardtop and my tj which came with a softop doesnt have the 2 rear holes drilled out in tub, I’m assuming I just need to drill the holes out but was curious why it didn’t come with them , assuming tubs come out the factory the same for both hard or soft top.
  5. connor grimes

    Am I crazy or did switching to 10w-40 lower my MPG?

    I’ve always run 10w-30 in my TJ but recently got a free 6 quarts of 10w-40 and used it for my last oil change . I feel like my MPG has gone down a bit , living in SoCal temps are averaging 80-95 degrees while I’m driving it . About to change my oil again and go back to 10w-30 and see if it seems...
  6. connor grimes

    4.56 to 5.13 gearing question

    Is it possible to upgrade my 4.56 gears to 5.13 gears with only a ring and pinion for front and rear axle? Or will I need new carrier ?
  7. connor grimes

    Looking for a 35" spare tire cover in spice

    Hey everyone, Been looking for a 35" spare tire cover in Spice/ Tan and haven't had much luck other than going custom. Anybody have a source ? thanks
  8. connor grimes

    Can someone recommend a quality locking gas cap’s getting crazier here in LA , people are stealing gas left and right. The locking caps on Amazon have terrible reviews , can anyone with experience recommend a locking cap for my TJ , thanks .
  9. connor grimes

    Big Bear through a 35mm lens

    I brought my 35mm film camera with me to Big Bear last month, and took some shoots right after the storm. Started in Apple Valley and took Coxey Truck Trail to Holcomb Valley. There's something special about film that I enjoy over digital, It captures a raw moment in time.
  10. connor grimes

    Is this lateral play bad on u-joint rear driveshaft?

    About to drive 200 miles and noticed this slight lateral play in u joint on rear driveshaft differential end
  11. connor grimes

    Worried I over torqued rear output yoke

    Reinstalled my SYE housing and seal, and I reused the yoke nut after reading that if it’s not a new nut to put some red thread locker . The torque specs for the nut are 150ft lbs and i set my wrench to 130 ft lbs becasue I was always told to reduce torque with thread locker. Nearing 130ft lbs I...
  12. connor grimes

    Can you clean NP231 pickup filter without splitting case?

    re sealing my sye housing and was wondering if it’s possible to clean the oil pickup filter without splitting the case in half
  13. connor grimes

    Are these bolts supposed to be unevenly seated ?

    In the middle of replacing my valve cover gasket and noticed these bolts with square heads are not all uniformly seated , it appears to alternate between the four bolts
  14. connor grimes

    Started to change SYE output seal

    My SYE output seal has been squealing for a couple months now and I finally got around to changing it out. When I removed my Speedo gear I saw it was chewed up , so I checked out the drive gear on the shaft from the Speedo hole and felt it and I can feel some damage to that as well . I’m now...
  15. connor grimes

    Concerned about my rear axle set up

    I’m running 35’s on my Dana 35 w/4.56 gears and an e-locker . Revolution 27 spline chromoly shafts . It‘a my daily driver and I rarely use my locker and usually only in the snow and most of my offroading is exploring dirt roads and not rock crawling . Am I really rolling the dice here ? is it...
  16. connor grimes

    Issue with interior dome light and cluster dim

    Hey everyone , trying to figure out why my interior dome light and instrument cluster dimming have stopped working on the turn signal stick. the lights do automatically come on for a couple seconds after turning off the ignition but that is the only way the light will come on . I’m thinking it’s...
  17. connor grimes

    Driver door rattling against door surround

    Hey guys trying to understand why my driver door rattles against door surround and my passenger door doesn’t . On the drivers side the upper part of the door doesn’t seat to fully seat against the surround and when driving down the ride I can see the upper part of the door flexing back and forth...
  18. connor grimes

    California Solo camping / overlanding trip to Baja

    Want to head south to Baja from SoCal , I’d be going solo with my dog but have heard it’s a little sketchy without a group . Has anyone gone solo before ? Can’t bring the pistol over the border so hard to safe guard me, my dog, and my rig
  19. connor grimes

    Current used TJ prices making me consider selling mine

    the current demand for TJ'S in SoCal as reflected by the current asking prices on craigslist and other sites have been making me ponder the thought of selling my TJ which I said I would never sell. I'd consider mine to be in very good condition and only having 75k miles and upgrades id probably...
  20. connor grimes

    Where to purchase worth while replacement exhaust manifold

    I need to replace my exhaust manifold (2001) after noticing a small crack near the cat collector pipe. From what i've looked at on the forum is that the OEM style with flex joints is the best option, but which brand am i looking for and where is the best place to purchase them? thank you