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  1. MeanGreen86

    Can a barn win ROTM for Feb 2022

    I see there are some really good contenders this month but that barn photo..... it has my vote!
  2. MeanGreen86

    Engine temp drops at highway speeds

    I flushed the system over summer when I installed a new fan pulley and have had zero engine temperature issues until this past Friday. I was on the highway to meet my dad for dinner when I noticed the engine temp drop to around 130 from the normal 200-210. It almost seemed to be about the time...
  3. MeanGreen86

    Control Arm Replacement

    While my lj was in the transmission shop they found this nice crack in my passenger front lower control arm mount. They did a great job of welding it back together but I’d like to replace both of them regardless. I’ve ordered new brackets and the control arm skids. I would call myself a...
  4. MeanGreen86

    Driveline vibration after skid plate?

    Now that I have your attention I need ideas. I read alot of the driveline threads on here and they are usually a result of altering the suspension or buying a new vehicle. I've had my 04 LJ for over 6 months now and the only addition to my vehicles suspension has been adding the Racho 5000x...
  5. MeanGreen86

    Help wiring round taillights

    I picked these up and i have some questions. These came with 4 wires ground, DRL, turn signal, and brake. I know enough about wiring to get in trouble so I figured I'd ask here. I picked these over litedot because i like the style more. Is there a way to wire in the DRL into the current harness...
  6. MeanGreen86

    SOLD Teraflex track bars (York, PA)

  7. MeanGreen86

    Aaron's Yellow Submarine

    I was introduced to off roading when I bought my xterra. It was a great rig and I learned alot but the aftermarket sucks and IFS can only do so much. I picked up my 04 LJ auto about a month ago. It already had BDS springs and bilstien shock and GOD awful poly body mounts that squeak so much (on...