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  1. DB04RedJeep

    Trying to remove EVAP canister

    Help, I'm stuck in my driveway trying to remove the EVAP canister from my 2004. I have everything unbolted and I cant get the 2 lines off as shown in the FSM (pg 25-18). Is there a special tool I need to un-clamp the lines? The smaller line seems to have a clip of some type that I can move...
  2. DB04RedJeep

    Help with Stereo and Speakers (again)

    Sorry to keep beating a dead horse. I have been reading through the various threads on stereo's, speakers and amp's and I get completely lost understanding it all. I'm looking for something that is a basic single din with BT and buttons that my fat fingers can use and also doesn't flash like a...
  3. DB04RedJeep

    New member finally joined

    Hello from Central Mass. I have finally joined after watching from the shadows. And yes even from the shadows you all have helped me spend money. Bought the Jeep in September 2018 as a replacement for my wife's Miata that was a 10 year anniversary gift in 2008. It was time for something that...