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  1. MillenniumFalcon

    SOLD (SOLD) Rockford Fosgate 4x6 Dash Speakers

    Where in SC are you located?
  2. MillenniumFalcon

    Anyone running 35 KM3's on a daily?

    We run KM3s on my wife's JKU and its a DD. They've been on about 2 years now and still have tread left. For a mud tire, they wear very well and we don't rotate them but every other oil change. Excellent offroad!
  3. MillenniumFalcon

    Anyone running 35 KM3's on a daily?

    Nah, they are a full mud terrain tire. Trust me. We test them.
  4. MillenniumFalcon

    August 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy! This was just before I got the jeep and just after a kid ran from the police and they threw out spike strips! 😆
  5. MillenniumFalcon

    TJ Sub Woofer amp

    Call Crutchfield. They can help you find an amp that will work, or give advice on an amp/sub combo.
  6. MillenniumFalcon

    Correct Tire Pressure for On-Road

    You cannot use the tire pressure on the sidewall. That is absolute Max for that tire. The load rating plays a huge part of the equation. Higher load rating means stiffer sidewall, which means lower pressure needed for a good contact patch. Chalk test is the most accurate method to determine...
  7. MillenniumFalcon

    It works! Revving the nuts off a TJ ended up giving it way more power (no more carbon buildup)

    To add to this, since my theme for this jeep is The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, it is very fitting in that the Falcon is also known as "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy". 😆😆😆
  8. MillenniumFalcon

    It works! Revving the nuts off a TJ ended up giving it way more power (no more carbon buildup)

    This really does work. True story with my newest jeep, a 97 sport. My Dad bought the jeep and it had been sitting for a couple of years. He replaced the fuel pump, new battery, and a few other things and got it running but it was skipping. He had a young guy helping him around his business...
  9. MillenniumFalcon

    Ideas to solve vibrations?

    We did a 2.5" lift on our 99 but it lifted it more than that. I got longer bolts and stacked washers until the vibration was gone.
  10. MillenniumFalcon

    Mystery wire

    If the fuse is blown and everything is still working properly, then rip it all out. It's not serving a purpose.
  11. MillenniumFalcon

    Ideas to solve vibrations?

    I suggest trying the tc drop. It's pretty quick and easy as long as you buy a kit or get longer bolts. We did a RC 2.5" lift on our 99 TJ and had a vibration. Dropped TC and has been fine since.
  12. MillenniumFalcon

    Theft protection: How to automatically disable and enable your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Here is a capacitive switch that should do the trick. 2PCs DC 3-18V 5V 12V Capacitive Touch Switch Module Mini Bistable Electronic Switch 2.5A Sensitive
  13. MillenniumFalcon

    Is my PCM fried?

    As Jerry mentioned, WranglerFix is the way to go if you have to have a new PCM.
  14. MillenniumFalcon

    HVAC blower only works on 1,2, and 3

    Same here. Position 3 didn't work and replaced the switch.
  15. MillenniumFalcon

    South Carolina Best Jeep Service in Greenville, SC?

    Yes, Chris Durham is excellent as well. He and Cole at C4W are buddies and do all the major rides together. Both are jeep experts. You mentioned Warn at C4W.....they are the closest authorized Warn repair center so yeah, lots of Warn stuff. Hinkle's is an awesome story! At that time he was...
  16. MillenniumFalcon

    What are the best front and rear seat covers for a 97 TJ?

    Bartact. I don't have personal experience yet, but plan on getting some soon. I do have quite a few friends who have them and have nothing but good to say. Fit perfectly, don't fade, don't wear. Worth the $$.
  17. MillenniumFalcon

    05-06 stuck OPDA and maybe PCM issues?

    The hard shifts sounds like the PCM and the 05-06 is notorious for this. Wranglerfix is the way to go though. Had same issues on our 05. Hard shifts, crazy shifts, sometimes no shift. Put in new PCM and been great for couple of years now thanks to Wranglerfix!
  18. MillenniumFalcon

    Best under armor?

    The first thing we bought was the steering box skid.