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  1. Jamison C

    The Garage Couple is still at it

    Wandering about teh interwebz yesterday eve and I see a video for Garage Couple pop up. I see leggings in the thumbnail and think “ooh viewer content must be down, let’s have a look.” I click the video and it turns out they’re still practicing modesty for now. Look at those high school gym...
  2. Jamison C

    A TJ flopped today in Sedona

    Pretty common Jeep trail, which I’ve been on many times, and I know some of you are familiar with it. Anyways, I look at the picture and my first two thoughts are “what a shame that that factory hard top got ruined,” and, “man that could be a ROTM photo!” 😂
  3. Jamison C

    WTB: ***FOUND*** Savvy Sliders SWB

    You read it right, and I know it’s a long shot. Missed the last batch and I’m ready to armor up. If anyone has a set laying around they no longer deem necessary I’d love to work something out. Please PM me directly so those with no honor don’t try to swipe product out from under me. Thanks!
  4. Jamison C

    $3200 for a re-gear?

    I welcome thoughts and criticism if I'm being too nitpicky I've been debating on whether I want to do my own regear or have a shop do it. I had the shop I used once before quote me a new install and they're quoting $3200. Half of that is labor which baffles me. They're reputable and do good...
  5. Jamison C

    Arizona Sedona Run - Weekend of 9/10

    Alright gentlemen, a Sedona run has been requested for some time and I have decided that scheduling an event is in order. I think the weekend after Labor Day would be ideal. Not a lot of tourists, weather will still be nice. However, there is a catch. I've been doing some exploring of the valley...
  6. Jamison C

    My Dumbassery Knows No Bounds

    So for those who don’t know, I bought a very well kept 2002 Toyota Tundra back in May with only 78k miles on it. I took it to San Diego a couple weeks ago with no issues and all of my fluids looked good, but I decided to show it some love after the 1000 mile trip by doing an oil change. I went...
  7. Jamison C

    2002 Wrangler with auger

    Can’t get over the rock? No problem, just drill through the fucking thing.
  8. Jamison C

    06 LJR bone stock 41k miles.

    Private group so no link.
  9. Jamison C

    Look at this Sedona Edition TJ

    Look at this American classic. How have I never heard of this edition? I live in Sedona and don’t even have a Sedona wrangler. I’m a fraud.
  10. Jamison C

    Are all white TJs the same? (1997 vs. 2005)

    I’m coming up with conflicting info on the web so here I am. I found a set of half doors somewhat locally from a 1997 wrangler. They appear to be in great shape, but I’m not sure if the white from 1997 was the same going up through 06. Can anyone with a white 97 verify their paint code? The...
  11. Jamison C

    Anyone have bland sound quality using Apple CarPlay?

    I don't have a lot of experience in the OEM world of CarPlay, but my experience with any aftermarket head unit is that the sound quality whilst using CarPlay is hot garbage. I have a very specific EQ set on my Alpine ILX650, and on my iPhone. It sounds great over bluetooth, and it sounds great...
  12. Jamison C

    Anyone ever google space movie 1992?

    You’ll have to google it for the title. Quality stuff. 10/10. Great for the family.
  13. Jamison C

    SOLD Mopar Manual Radiator - 59k miles

    I have a Mopar radiator that came out of my 05 Rubicon with 59k miles on it. Good shape, no leaks, never had an issue with cooling. No ports for auto transmission lines. $160 shipped.
  14. Jamison C

    Guys, I finally got a Savvy sticker

    This came with my GTS. Weird thing was it was on the outside tho.
  15. Jamison C

    WTB: Belhousing bolt (not E12 one)

    Need a bell housing bolt for a 42RLE. Not the E12 Torx. Davey's sent me bolts for a manual transmission. I have one of the bolts and could get another at ACE but I'd rather keep it factory if I can. TIA.
  16. Jamison C

    Where does the shift interlock cable attach at the steering column?

    I’m doing a 42rle swap and I 100% want the cable installed so I don’t wanna hear why it’s irrelevant. Anyways, I’ve looked all over the ignition switch and can’t find a place for the cable to attach to. Knowing Chrysler, my manual-equipped jeep probably has an ignition switch that isn’t...
  17. Jamison C

    Another great experience with Mark at Wranglerfix

    For those of you not following my 42rle swap saga, I bought a complete engine, transmission, wiring harness, and computer from a guy with a 2005 to do an swap into my 2005. He said it was for a rubicon like mine but unfortunately when I got into the harness I realized it was not. I threw it in...
  18. Jamison C

    I acquired "free" headers; keep or sell?

    The engine that was mated with my 42RLE has a set of AFE headers on it. They're about $820 new and are made in Corona, CA I believe. All the specs check out as quality: 1/2" Thick Head Flange: A 1/2" thick head flange is used for...
  19. Jamison C

    WTB: 42RLE Swap Parts

    Alright y'all. Before I put in my order for Davey' tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone had any of the parts laying around that I'm listing below. Auto shifter assembly with handle and floor plate Auto shift bezel in Khaki Auto shift indicator Auto brake pedal Auto shift cable Shift interlock...
  20. Jamison C

    Zorba I made a meme for you

    @Zorba , a few weeks ago a thread popped up and someone mentioned you and your love for technology. I felt inspired, so I half-assed a meme, which I believe I have now perfected. This is in no way making fun of you or poking fun at what you believe, but rather summary of your "greatest hits"...