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  1. EJD

    How many of you have gotten a trail flat?

    Just kind of curious as to how many jeepers here have gotten a flat tire and had to use their spare or had to repair a flat while out on a trail specifically? I’m toying around with the idea of not running a spare full time as I’ve never gotten a trail or road flat for that matter and I’ve...
  2. EJD

    My TJ just turned 20

    It just hit me that my TJ just turned 20 years old. This is by far my favorite vehicle i've ever owned and I just have to say what a journey we've been on together over the past 3 years of ownership. This Jeep has criss-crossed the USA with me numerous times and even taken me across...
  3. EJD

    Any skiers / snowboarders on the forum?

    I'm planning a little trip over to Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood for some snowboarding next month and it made me wonder who else might be getting out and enjoying snow outside of the Jeep. Any Skiers/Snowboarders on the forum? Any good trips planned for 2020? PS: If anyone should feel inclined...
  4. EJD

    Harvested my first XMAS tree today

    Went out xmas tree hunting for the first time today with my daughter, and it was a pretty great experience. NF Roads in the coastal rainforest were pretty gnarly too, and while there is no snow in sight anywhere we did have some crazy heavy fog that rolled in. We left with a beautiful 12' Sitka...
  5. EJD

    Had to use my winch for the first time

    These sand pits are deceiving...entered in thinking I could pass through the area only to find out it was all too steep and the sand was too deep. I spent a good 30-45 minutes trying to just K-Turn with traction boards and my shovel before it was obvious, there is no way in hell those are...
  6. EJD

    Sand Lake Recreation Area (Siuslaw National Forest) Oregon

    Wow! This place is pretty incredible. First time here and I did not see one other soul out on the sand the entire day. I'm sure during the summer months this place can get out of control. But I have never been to a place this open to cross-country travel and had this kind of freedom to...
  7. EJD

    Weird ignition issue

    So the other day I put the key in the ignition and turn it, it starts up but I have a red "brake" light on and "airbag" light on in my cluster, also my radio won't turn on and my heat doesn't work all the sudden. It seems like when I turn the key further (as if i'm starting it) it grinds...
  8. EJD

    Anyone have any Canyon wheels laying around?

    I actually don't know where or how I did this but I think I need a new one. Anyone have any Canyons laying around they'd be will to get rid of?
  9. EJD

    Squeaky belt drive question

    Are there any components in the Belt Drive category that would cause the typical embarrassing squeaky belt noise only when its wet? I have a new belt, new tensioner pulley, and new idler pulley now and its still doing this but it seems only when its wet outside. I know this sounds kinda dumb...
  10. EJD

    Soft top window compatibility

    I'm new to soft tops, so forgive me if this is a dumb question but are any soft top windows interchangeable with with other brand soft tops? I have a Bestop Supertop NX, and i'm wondering if for example Rugged Ridge windows would zipper right in to the bestop? Or are they an ever so slightly...
  11. EJD

    Metal tag under front frame cover?

    I feel like i've seen this before but cannot find the thread. There is a little metal ID tag or something under the front frame cover riveted on, does anyone have a picture of theirs (or of one)? I was just curious as to what information was on there...mine has apparently rusted and broken off...
  12. EJD

    Moving BACK to the PNW

    This time for good though :D We took a trip over to Oregon a couple weeks ago just to get away for a few and for fun we checked out a few houses. Before I knew it my wife had found out that the work she does had an opening in Tillamook, she applied, interviewed, and was hired in the blink of an...
  13. EJD

    Anyone have CJ style flush mounted fog lights on their TJ's grille?

    So I just got a new set of beautiful headlights for my TJ and a matching set of fogs from KC Hilites, the fogs have a few different ways you could mount them but typically they would be bumper mounted, but i'm just not sure if I like the way 4" lights look on the bumper in comparison to the...
  14. EJD

    Chirpy Belt Noise

    Hey so lately after washing my Jeep in the spray bay and sometimes early in the morning, when I hit the gas pedal i'm getting this chirpy belt noise. The noise does go away after a little bit or after it dries out or something. Since my belt is quite new am I to believe the idler pulley needs to...
  15. EJD

    Sunshade Halftop

    The only reason this came about was because I was looking for a way to keep the gear I was packing in the cargo area of my TJ from coming out on a recent week long backcountry overlanding excursion. I started off just using a mesh bikini as a tonneau cover by bungeeing it through the holes in...
  16. EJD

    2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon customized by AEV

    Just though I would post this here.
  17. EJD

    Glacier National Park

    Had a riot yesterday rolling around Glacier. I saw my first Grizzly Bears (a mama bear and 2 cubs) it was absolutely amazing to see them in the wild like that. So beautiful yet so deadly, lol. But it was a full house there and park rangers had their work cut out for them. I was dodging t-storms...
  18. EJD

    What OBDII Reader is best for TJs?

    So i've had a code or two for the past week and i've been trying to troubleshoot it. I did not have an OBD-II reader/scanner yet so the first time a check engine light came on I just went to the closest generic auto parts store and had them read it and erase the codes. The check engine light has...
  19. EJD

    What am I missing here?

    Anyone know what if anything goes here? I have a double ended bolt with washer threaded into the throttle cable bracket that is in-between injector 3 and 4. Does anyone have any idea of what goes into this bolt? Side note, I am getting a P0203/P0303 code right now so i'm trying to troubleshoot...
  20. EJD

    Help sorting out a few things

    Hey, So i'm trying to wrap up my engine install and I have a few things that I cannot figure out where they go. Hoping someone can help me out here please. Pic 1: I feel like this mounted to the passenger side of the block directly but I do not have any clue, the only hole in the block in...