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  1. Fonz54

    WTB: Bolts for Rubicon Rocker Guards

    Bought some Rubicon Rocker guards of CL. I was able to get nine of the ten bolts. I bought some bolts from Grainger which are the right thread size but the washer head is a little smaller which is not a big deal But, the Grainger bolt is rusting to all heck. Took it out wire brushed it and...
  2. Fonz54

    Backup Lights Come on Doors Open

    A while ago I noticed that backup lights were on when the TJ was running so I bought a new back up light switch but have not installed it as of yet. The other day I had the driver side door open without the TJ running went around back to get something from the back and damn if the backup lights...
  3. Fonz54

    Weeping Valve Cover Gasket

    Last year I changed the valve cover gasket. Used the FelPro kit with new grommets. Cleaned the cover and the head and installed the gasket without any Permatex. When I was checking the oil today I noticed that on the passenger side a tiny bit of oil weeping all along that side of the Leakin'...
  4. Fonz54

    Grease Dripping & Oozing

    Have a weird issue. Went out to go to the store and found a pretty large pile of grease under the pitman arm to drag link fitting. It was not there yesterday. I checked the boot and there are no holes or tears. Also there are always drops of grease dripping from the zerk fittings on all of the...
  5. Fonz54

    Removing Trim Above Rear View Mirror

    Quick question. How does that he center piece of trim above the rear view mirror attach? Ordered a Gentex mirror and planning on how to run the wiring along the header and down the passenger a pillar. Fonz
  6. Fonz54

    Hardtop: to buy or not to buy?

    Hi All, I have been looking for a hard top for some time now. I found this one yesterday on CL. No too far but the top is Tan, I want black. I could paint it myself but with the rainy season coming on I am not sure I can get it done. Guess I could do it in the garage but the boss might not be...
  7. Fonz54

    Party like a Rocksta (Jeep that is)

    Read this story on Jalopnik. I thought is was pretty Interesting so I put it here for your reading pleasure.
  8. Fonz54

    WTB: P/N 6504352 - m6x1.00x16.00

    I need one of the screws for mounting the Rubicon Rocker guards to the tub. These are the screws that go into the side. I have nine, but need one more. Thanks, Lou
  9. Fonz54

    Thoughts on this hard top?

    Found this hard top for sale on CL. The top is not too far from where I live. Looks like it is in pretty good shape plus includes the slider uppers for the half doors which I have. Was thinking of taking a drive to check it out and offer him like $1800...
  10. Fonz54

    If I were a rich man

    Not sure how many folks get these Emails from Collins Brothers but I just had to share this one. For some reason my work PC will not let me open the link (must be Jeep Porn :~) If I had an extra $39K laying around I might just pull the trigger on this; 2004 Jeep TJ Wrangler Unlimited RUBICON...
  11. Fonz54

    New to the TJ world—looking for advice

    Do you have four sets of brackets? two in the front and two in the rear? If yes then when the front brackets are attached you have to adjust the bar under the seat so the mechanism moves to the rear allowing the rear latches on the bottom of the seat to engage with the brackets mounted on the...
  12. Fonz54

    Pack Mule Sway Back

    Anyone out there running one of these Pack Mule Sway Back racks? They ain't cheap, $795.00 but look really well made.
  13. Fonz54

    Any Suggestions on Removing Rocker Guard Adhesive?

    Any suggestions on removing the adhesive on the rubber backer for the Rubicon Rocker Guards? Tried Goo Gone and Acetone with minimal results.
  14. Fonz54

    Center Console Question

    Thinking about making my own center console. Was taking some measurements and the clearance between the parking brake boot and the passenger seat is tighter than a crabs ass. When the OEM console is used or the Tuffy console do you have to remove the parking brake boot?
  15. Fonz54

    Transmission Shifting After Body Lift and MML

    Recently completed a 1.25" BL and a 1" MML. I am noticing that shifting into 2nd, 4th and Reverse it seems like the shifter boot is getting hung up on the console. Is this typical and does anyone have any remedy for this. Have purchased a new Mopar Trans mount and plan on installing this weekend...
  16. Fonz54

    Sweet '99 Sahara

    I found this Sahara on CL and was giving some serious consideration to buying it myself, but decided to stay the course with my present TJ. This Jeep looks to be super clean and has about 46K miles. Check it out. I have some chassis pictures the owner sent me if anyone is interested. Lou...
  17. Fonz54

    Great Read About Our Jeeps

    I meant to post this a while ago. My oldest son who is a Yuppy and drive a JLU Rubicon gave me a great book for Christmas. The title is "JEEP - Eight Decades from Willys to Wrangler", by Patrick R. Foster. This book really speaks to the love affair with the Jeep and the many twists and turns of...
  18. Fonz54

    Dana 44 Project Advice

    Hi, Recently picked up a Dana 44 (3.73 w LS) from a 98 TJ for $400 off of CL. I have been disassembling it to get it ready for sand blasting. My plan is to refresh it re-gear it along with my Dana 30 in the front and install it in my 2004 TJ X. I came up with the following list for the refresh. My...
  19. Fonz54

    Help with M.O.R.E. MML install

    Was installing MORE MML. I knew things were going too smoothly. Had the new mounts in went to put the nut on the studs on the underside and the bolt head started spinning. Anyone know of a way to solve this one? Tried putting a long vise grip on the bolt head but at soon as I try to tighten the...
  20. Fonz54

    Name That Part

    Does anyone know the name of this v shaped part that supports the grill? The one on my TJ is pretty rotted and needs to be replaced.