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    Center console with subwoofer insert

    Some people look for the center console subwoofer insert. Here is one in NY.
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    Rear Brake Bleeding Issue

    Hi Guys - tackled a brake job today, pads and rotors, as well as the e-brake shoes. I had a major rear brake issue where a caliper was sticking and my existing rear passenger pad was toast, like no more pad remaining - my rear wheels were on fire (figuratively). I attempted to bleed the brakes...
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Not for my LJ, but another vehicle - Has anyone heard of, or know anything about, NRS Brake Pads? Any reviews or experiences? I have googled the crap out of them and cannot find any reviews. On paper they look great, but would like to hear if anyone has had any experience with this brand...
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    LJ hardtop (looks good for 1K)

    In Connecticut
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    2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ SE Manual Transmission, Low Mileage - $11,900

    I can't recall ever seeing this color on a Jeep. Was this an available color or was this TJ resprayed? Looks clean as well.
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    SOLD Wrangler Fix PCM for 05-06 Manual TJ

    Thus PCM will work on 2005-2006 TJs and LJs with the 4.0 engine and a manual transmission. This is from WranglerFix and is plug and play. It worked just fine on my 2005 LJ so you’re guaranteed that it works. I am selling because my problem is not the PCM, and most likely a bad cat that I am...
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    2003 TJ Low mileage one owner
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    Columbia Edition with Rubicon sticker - $18.9K

    Looks like a great deal for someone. Frame looks clean. I would have bought it except for the transmission, auto....👎
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    Jack stands in Connecticut - Great for a Jeep

    These should be around 28" of lift height.
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    Tweeters with pods

    Not affiliated with Seller but these look like a great deal for someone. Brand New these tweeters and pods would cost around $600. Hybrid Audio Technologies L1 Pro + Aluminum Pods - $300 OBO
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    Randy Ellis Design

    Wanted to ask around if anyone has used or seen Randy's work, and would recommend or not recommend. The rock slider are not for a TJ, and would be used on a Ram. Thanks in advance!
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    Wrangler LJ hardtop - NY

    For the price it looks okay.
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    Could a clogged cat lead to a blown radiator?

    Had a couple issues with the 2005 LJ recently. Was on the highway going 70mph and my check guage light came on and then the entire engine shut down. Was a messed up situation but I was able to start the engine while coasting in neutral (manual tranny). Fast forward a week, all has been good...
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    LJ Hardtop - Looks good and only $950

    Great looking LJ Hardtop for an insanely good price.
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    LJ Rubicon, 65k miles, $20k

    No pics as it's a new listing. Could be a diamond in the rough or a rust bucket. 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Unlimited Rubicon 2dr SUV 4WD Price $19,900 Mileage 65,108
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    Tuffy non-subwoofer security console and underseat drawer

    Not affiliated with these sales. Underseat drawer.
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    2006 wrangler tj
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    Looking for Facebook Marketplace assistance

    Hi - I do not have a Facebook account but I cam across something I am looking to purchase. If anyone has a Facebook account are you able to pull contact information, the seller's email or phone number? Or does all contact have to go through Facebook? This is the listing. Thanks in advance...
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    2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 6-speed manual

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    Tuffy Center Console

    For anyone that owns one, were you able to get a discount through anyone? I called Tuffy and they said they do not offer discounts, nor have Black Friday sales, as it upsets their vendors. They told me to call Quadratec or Morris 4X4...Morris has a $30 off coupon but we know they suck balls as...