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    1984 Scambler CJ-8

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    Complete lower LJ

    If you are looking for a project or need unlimited parts, here's a frame, motor, trans, transfer case, gas tank, axles, looking for a body.
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    White Unlimited With 169k

    North west of here about an hour away. Cedar Bluffs NE.
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    TJ frame

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    I'm in Moab this week with a motley crew of random rigs doing the trails. I'm the only TJ and only stick shift.
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    Newest Jeep on the Market
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    2004 Unlimted 87,600 miles

    I don't know anything about it. But it looks clean.
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    Colorado fires

    How are you guys in Colorado doing? I heard 600 homes have burned outside of Denver and some retail shopping areas.
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    New "1984" Novel

    Because apparently there wasn't enough female perspective. An anti propaganda novel, rewritten because it needed some modern day propaganda included. Ironic Next up "Celsius 232.8" from the...
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    Jeep show today

    Here's a link to a Jeep show we had here in town today.
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    Nebraska TORC Jeep Show

    Anyone going to the TORC Jeep show? It's Sunday Oct 3rd.
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    Yo Mama

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    WTB: Steering stabilizer tapered bolt

    I ran across this FOX steering stabalizer from a guy who upgraded to 1 ton axles and full hydraulic steering. Even with some scratches and rust, it has to be better than my original stabalizer. But it's missing the tapered bolt. Does anyone have an old tapered bolt laying around as you've...
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    Nebraska Omaha Jeepers people

    I'm going to be installing my body lift, mml, and transfer case cable. If anyone wants to help or point and laugh let me know. I have a grill and a bar. Or pizza and PBR. Probably a wife rolling her eyes.
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    Nebraska LS swapped LJ

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    The TJ Fest 2021 weather thread

    Hopefully, we'll have better weather for you guys traveling through on I-80 by mid week. This is the interstate today a nice band of snow, rain, and ice from Chicago area to Wyoming.
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    Team Stay at Home (Hero)

    Everyone has a team for TJ Fest. I have to work. So I'm making this team for those of us who will be living vicariously through the exploits of others. We can compare teams, root for our favorites, bet on who makes it or breaks down, drink too much and tell everyone how we could do things...
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    Rock Crawler

    If you're heading to TJ fest west bound through Des Moines, IA on I-80 and are worried about scratching up your precious on the rocks, you could take a look at this...
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    Warn XD9000i

    I found a winch this morning listed as a Warn 8000lb winch. The sticker said XD8000i, but Warn doesn't have one of those. But makes the XD9000i. So I took a chance and bought it for $250. The sticker had been scratched to make an 8 rather then the actual 9. The model number confirmed it. So...
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    Warn 8274 - $850

    If anyone is looking for a Warn 8274 and is heading out to MOAB, here's one for sale. I thought about it, but it would be an 13 hour 900 mile round trip from here and it's on the upper end of my winch budget after I'd spruce it up. Located in Melbeta, NE on the western edge of the state. $850...