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  1. ivarr

    Do I need an adjustable track bar?

    thanks for the explanation and just ordered. to all that commented, the nightmarish rust is because i live in massachusetts where they don't just spread salt on the roads they practically dump it in piles ...
  2. ivarr

    Do I need an adjustable track bar?

    so, with a 3" lift my 2006 sport has an adjustable track bar. it's bad so have to replace it. do i need adjustable? bought as 2nd owner from a jeep dealer in 2014 with the lift in it. rough country shocks, so i assume all rough country parts in the kit. recommendations for one sub $150- ? rancho...
  3. ivarr

    Car pics too cool not to share

    saturday morning a couple weeks ago on the way to the grocery store around 6:45 am. extreme southwest massachusetts. when i was a kid in the early 80's ( FITCHBURG MASS CLASS OF 86', GO RAIDERS !!! ) there was a guy that ran a blower. shamefully don't remember what it was actually in, may not...
  4. ivarr

    Are 31s too small for a 3" lift?

    so finally measured my springs, 15" front 11" rear, after 9 years of owning my 2006 tj, and now know i have a 3" lift. ( was in it when i bought it from the jeep dealer) Had brand new general grabber at's, just put new goodyear wranglers on last week. 31 10.5 15's. are 31's too small for a 3"...
  5. ivarr

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    4 new goodyear wranglers mounted after work yesterday. fun driving around with them inside the 2006 sport all day.
  6. ivarr

    How much should I expect to pay for u-joint replacement?

    got 4 new tires mounted today, asked to check ball joints as i am 2 months late for massachusetts inspection and have been waiting to afford getting the tires on. said steering damper was gone, and u-joints are toast. just ordered a rancho 5407, but don't know anything about u-joints. and i am...
  7. ivarr

    Mobile CB in the house

    ok, admittedly should have actually read all the forum descriptions with more attention. maybe a mod could move it to the winch and stuff forum. thanks man.
  8. ivarr

    Mobile CB in the house

    opposite actually, thinking about cells and satellites being down so looking at analog communication
  9. ivarr

    Mobile CB in the house

    great. now wondering if maybe i should have gotten this instead ??? seems kind of like a cb with sort of ham radio mixed in. i really don't know anything about this stuff...
  10. ivarr

    Mobile CB in the house

    just won a radio shack cb on ebay. ( never had one, but these are seemingly very weird times ) will end up in the jeep at some point, but what do i need to use it in the house for now? heavy duty regulated power supply seems to be right, but i don't know how many amp's i need. look to range a...
  11. ivarr

    Harshest thing you can use on a soft top?

    rubbing alcohol will break up and clean pine pitch. just armor all your top immediately afterwards or re-wax if you use it on any painted surfaces
  12. ivarr

    Ball joint ignorant

    just asking about front. how do i know if i have a bad one? cheaper to just get it done ? just fix a bad one, upper and lower on that side, or upper and lower on both sides ? cost to get whatever you suggest done?
  13. ivarr

    Need recommendations for a soft top rear window zipper replacement

    ok, so the back window on my original 2006 tj soft top is cracked in several places ( though held together quite well by thick clear gorilla packing tape ) and the zipper is finished. need actual recommendations for a replacement zipper that can be sewed onto my existing soft top, and best...
  14. ivarr

    Ideal tire pressure

    daily driver 2006 tj believe 2 1/2' lift ( on when i got it, have never measured ) 31 10.5 15's. no offroading except my horrible 700 foot washed out uphill driveway. abuot 15 miles a day mostly 40 - 45 mph. where should i have my tire pressure ?
  15. ivarr

    Re-man'd brake calipers

    rock auto, looking at either centric or nugeon front calipers. opinions ??? just did front rotors and pads about two months ago, but my front left is seizing if i drive for a few hours.
  16. ivarr

    Best way to carry 10 gallons of gas outside the Jeep?

    you can afford 10 gallons of gas ??? rich people problems.
  17. ivarr

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    left work 2 hours early and got my front tires re-balanced
  18. ivarr

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    these are the same kind of guys that drove bitterns, and bradley kit cars in the 80's