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    Water pump damage to cylinder wall

    I am replacing my leaking water pump, and see that it seems like the water pump was eating the cylinder wall. Is this expected? Did you guys see anything like this?
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    HP Dana 30 old style vs new style hubs

    Hi Folks, I have upgraded my front axle to XJ dana 30 HP. One of the issues that I ran into with this axle was that it has old style hub on one side and new style on another. Old) 1990 through 1999.5 - Older Chrysler type unit hubs, use Composite dimension brake rotors, ( Timken Part # 513084...
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    Help troubleshooting whistling sound in idle

    i started to have wierd issue of whistling noise from the engine bay intake manifold area (TJ Sport 2004,4.0) So the it started first time, It whistled got couple of minutes, and then engine simply died. I restarted it, it ran but the whistling sound continued. I suspected a vacuum leak, so...
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    My experience with driving 4 door TJ, factory made

    Wanted to share with the forum my experience driving the 4 door TJ, back in Israel, before moving to US. So, Israel uses Wranglers for military purposes for like last 40 years and they assemble them in Israeli factory. The best redesign that they made is 4 door TJ, that has 6 speed manual, Dana...
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    Improving the cooling on our TJs

    deal fellow TJers, I am looking into my TJ (4.0,42RLE) in which I am running new radiator, new coolant, new Hayden fan clutch, with properly working AC, and a winch mounted in the front. Thermostat and water pump seems to operate as expected, so don’t believe that I need to replace them. What I...
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    Swapping rear TJ disc brakes to rear TJ Dana 44

    Is anybody familiar with any potential issues? I got the entire LJ dana 44 axle, with brakes lines, calipers, shafts, rotors, etc. I plan to move all brake components to my TJ Dana 44 (Early Dana 44 from 97+). Main motivation is ease of maintenance. BTW, both are non ABS, so no ABS problems...
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    How to change 42RLE fluid using dipstick and infusion can

    My goal in this writeup is to describe a safe method of changing 42rle fluid w/o a risk of running it dry and to define a process that is safe and completely repeatable. Running the transmission dry is the #1 risk of trying to change the transmission fluid at home. In this how to guide...
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    Mystery TJ Dana 44 axle | Need help identifying it

    I have bought a Dana 44 axle, that came from another TJ. It has all the perches for TJ, but have also some additional components, that i am unable to identify. It looks like at a distance of 3-4 inches from the end of the differential housing itself, it has some additional perches. On each side...
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    Strange behavior in reverse only, 42RLE and 4.0

    Hi Guys, I am seeing something strange on my TJ. It shifts into Drive (from Park or reverse ) or into Reverse (from park or drive) little slow - I hear it very well, it takes like 3 seconds of noise. And when I am putting it into reverse, especially with a lot of gas or backing up uphill ( like...
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    Impact on driving when in 2WD with Yukon Grizzly locker in front?

    Hi Guys, I have an axle, Dana30HP, with Grizzly locker installed (also have chromoly shafts), waiting to be installed into my front. My question is how an auto locker like Grizzly impacts the daily driving when in 2WD. Our TJs dont have manual locking hubs, so Grizzly will be technically...
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    Engine behaves very weird if restarted 5-10 minutes after hot idle

    Fellow TJers, I need your help. I am seeing an issue with my TJ that i reproduce with 100% probability. This is the problem: 1. Sit in a parking lot with engine running (in park, basically a hot idle situation), relatively hot Houston weather, after driving to the store (or whatever), engine...
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    Rebuild from salvage TJ 2004 Sport

    Wanted to share with folks here my build story. So i bought it from Copart Auction here in Houston. Sport 2004, 4.0 engine, 42RLE transmission, dana 30 and dana 35, 3.73 gearing, 2.72 transfer case. It was after a rear end accident, that smashed the grill, driver side fender, radiator and AC...
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    How to run a drive cycle in your garage to pass Texas emissions

    I have been rebuilding a salvage title TJ 2004, and the problem that I have faced is how to pass safety inspection. The issue is like Catch 22 - in order to pass safety inspection and be able to drive, one needs to be able to drive through a drive cycle, so that the computer will run all the...