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  1. sab

    Finally, Someone Tackles the Missing 10mm Socket Issue

    I just got this in an email - pretty funny!
  2. sab

    M18 Batteries Running Hot

    Last night after work, I was using an M18 angle grinder with a wire brush to prepare some columns for the shop mezzanine I'm building for primer. It was about 100°F outside. I was using 6Ahr and 8Ahr High Output batteries. The columns are 3-1/2" square tubing about 9' long. I couldn't even...
  3. sab

    Savvy Mid-Arm Deliveries?

    I've had a mid-arm kit on order since February 2, 2022, and not having it has brought my build to a virtual halt. I've been working on other things, and still can, but so many things depend on that kit that it's now a big problem for me making significant progress. Since Savvy is not known for...
  4. sab

    Dual-spring coil-over questions

    As I noted in Mr. Blaine's thread in the How To section on selecting springs when going to coilovers, I have some questions (bolded below for clarity), as I'm considering adding coilovers to my build. I hope this thread, intended to discuss the technicalities of the dual-spring coil-over shock...
  5. sab

    WTB: Light Khaki Metallic (PJC) Half Doors Wanted

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a pair of light metallic khaki half doors in decent shape. Khaki interior panels and uppers would be a nice addition, too! PM me if you have some and want to sell them, please.
  6. sab

    Anyone Know How to Tell Tan Half-Door Inner Panels from Khaki Panels?

    Another member and I are discussing my purchase of some inner door panels he has for sale. My 05 LJ has the khaki interior, and the code is PJC, I believe. Does anyone know how to tell by part number (or another means) if the panels are correct? The seller believes they are from an 04 TJ if...
  7. sab

    OEM Jack and Handle

    Not mine, just ran across it, and thought someone may want it:
  8. sab

    Body Cart for TJ?

    I'm hoping to start the suspension and frame mods on my LJ soon, and I'm trying to find an inexpensive body cart so that I can put the body of the LJ on it at various points in the build so that I can move it around in my shop easily. All the usual suspects have a basic one for about $400 plus...
  9. sab

    Revolution Gear Supply Chain Update

    Back in December, I contacted Revolution Gear to order chromoly axles front and rear and a 4.88 re-gear kit for my LJ Rubicon. They had the rear axles in stock and shipped them within days, but the front axles and re-gear kits were out of stock with no definite delivery date. They apparently...
  10. sab

    Which Card for DRB III?

    Does anyone know which card is needed to use the DRB III scanner on an '05 TJU (4.0L)? I'm looking for a DRB III, but I can't figure out which card works for my LJ. The most common card included with most seems to be the "Super Card 2," and there seem to be several versions of those, but all...
  11. sab

    Does anyone know if the front track bar in Savvy's full mid-arm kit is a standard Currie track bar?

    Does anyone know for certain whether or not the front track bar in Savvy's full mid-arm kit is a standard Currie track bar? I did search and found this post, and it's almost the answer I'm looking for ("usually" threw me off): I'm wondering if the actual track bar provided by Savvy in their...
  12. sab

    Happy Thanksgiving, You Filthy Jeepers!

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow TJ lovers! I'm thankful to Chris for creating and hosting the site and to all of you for making it such a wonderful resource! sab
  13. sab

    WTB: Black TRE Safety Thimble Fairlead

    It seems the black went out of stock right about the time I figured out it will fit in my setup. I called, and the gal who answered told me that they are having a supply problem with raw aluminum and don't have any idea when they'll get some. They still have the bright silver in stock, but I'm...
  14. sab

    Can Someone With The TRE Safety Thimble Fairlead Take Some Measurements For Me?

    I've just started putting my front bumper/winch assembly together, and I'm trying to pick a fairlead. My new setup is a Savvy bumper with the winch guard, a Warn M8274 winch with synthetic line and a TRE safety thimble (not yet installed), and a Barnes 4x4 M8274 mount: Right now, the front...
  15. sab

    Bolt Part Number for Rear Seat Mounting Rails on LJ?

    Hello, all! My 2005 LJ Rubicon is missing a bolt that holds the rails to the floor for the rear seat. I'm trying to find the part number for it so that I can find one easier, and the parts list is confusing to me. Does anyone know the part number for that bolt? Thanks, sab
  16. sab

    Yet another First Jeep Thread

    Hello, TJers! As I approach retirement age, I finally purchased my first Jeep back in mid-June. I'd been wanting an LJ ever since they came out, but other hobbies always got in the way. In late spring, I decided to finally pull the trigger. Knowing that I was entering the market at the wrong...