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  1. sab

    What did you do to your other vehicle today?

    The Expedition expedition continues to see setbacks. Yesterday, the second case magnet sent overnight from Ford's Detroit main warehouse to my local dealer was lost in the same system. Here's my thought on that. It's a magnet about 1" square. If it was shipped in a bubble envelope, it is...
  2. sab

    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. sab

    Our best Holiday

    Leave it to AndyG to get us all flustered! Happy Thanksgiving, and yes, we are blessed!
  4. sab

    What did you do to your other vehicle today?

    I took this entire week off with the intent of finishing my Expedition rebuild, but the gods of supply chain errors have conspired against me... Back Story The last major work before starting re-assembly was to rebuild the transfer case. I had parts in hand and started on Saturday. On Sunday...
  5. sab

    Happy Thanksgiving, You Filthy Jeepers!

    Resurrecting this year-old thread... Happy Thanksgiving All Y'all!
  6. sab

    So many coolant flushes!

    No, it won't. It's an 8mm square hole. Weird, I know...
  7. sab

    No third brake light

    Oh, yeah - welcome to the forum! I see you're from Ellijay. Beautiful place. I spent spring break of '87 (I think) riding mountain bikes and kayaking in that area. God's Country!
  8. sab

    No third brake light

    The Terminals are no longer available from Jeep, and I don't think the Grommets are either, but Omix-ADA sells OEM-equivalent (their words, not mine) Grommets.
  9. sab

    No third brake light

    Yes, yours should have that. This is from the 1997-1999 Parts List:
  10. sab

    Anyone have good recommendations for a decent heater for the garage? Needs to be 110v

    You can actually take that one step farther for comparison purposes. BTU is a unit of energy, just like watts. There are about 3.4 BTUs in a watt. So, a 1500 watt electric heater will put out about 5000 BTU/hr. Compare that to the ubiquitous Buddy Heater, which puts out about 4,000 BTU/hr on...
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    Savvy gas tank skid?

    The new design was discussed in this thread (I found it when researching): The gas tank skid Savvy shipped me in June was the original design.
  12. sab

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    Followed by: Ouch - my thumb!
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    So many coolant flushes!

    Ben actually gave that same Evaporust story as part of his explanation to me because the products are of similar chemical composition. Apparently, one of their most popular calls is regarding black parts left in Evaporust for too long...
  14. sab

    So many coolant flushes!

    I don't know why you wouldn't just pick up the phone and call the manufacturer, since they know their product better than anyone on the Internet would. I just called Evaporust for you (actually, the parent company is CRC - the big chemical company) because I was curious and as the Latin in my...
  15. sab

    So many coolant flushes!

    A month? Here's what their web site says: If I were you, I'd call Evaporust (the manufacturer) and ask if the mud-colored water could be a result of running it too long...
  16. sab

    Veterans Day, For All Here Who Served

    Thank you, fellers, and ladies, too! Your sacrifice is appreciated.
  17. sab

    Rebuild my Denso alternator?

    1. Have you properly diagnosed the alternator as the problem? 2. If so, have you determined the windings are okay? That kit won't fix a broken wire in the winding.
  18. sab

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    That is exactly the same size as my old man's family! He had fifteen brothers and sisters...
  19. sab

    LCoG and long arm lifts

    {ENGINEERING SNARK FILTER ON}Actually, if you're talking about precision, you should have said 40/60. Your measurements (6 and 8) have only one significant figure of precision. Therefore, the quotient should be stated to one significant digit by rounding. That makes it 40% up, not 43%...
  20. sab

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Maybe, but usagest sho' 'nuff is a werd. Example: "I told mamma I didn't have time ta fix her car. She said, 'usagest geter dun, son!'"