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  1. xXDavidCXx

    SYE and non-cv yoke / driveshaft

    I feel like this may elicit the angry TJ gods, but... Can I install a SYE and use a new and longer standard non-cv rear drive shaft? I'm sure the question is then, why not get a double cardan DS? Because I don't want the extra costs of the supporting suspension mods to tilt the pinion angle...
  2. xXDavidCXx

    Metal goop particles in my cooling system

    I’ve been working on a second round of flushing my cooling system for a few weeks now. I started with Thermocure, ran it for 3 days and then flushed it out and ran Prestone flush for the days. For the entire time I’ve owned this Jeep (13 months) whatever coolant or water I put in always...
  3. xXDavidCXx

    Power steering gear box mis-match

    I was going to replace my steering gearbox for excessive play and a very large dead center and ran into an issue with the hose connections. The OEM box has double flare fittings with an o-ring, the remanufactured Byautoparts box has single flare fittings with a brass insert. I crossed...