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  1. CherokeeKid

    SOLD Dana 35

    Drum brake equipped rear Dana 35 with 30 spline motive chrome moly axles, detroit locker, 4:56 gears. Tubes welded to center section. The locker works but randomly unlocks when driving straight, nothing in it is damaged, couldn't figure it out so I replaced it. This should fit Jeep TJ from...
  2. CherokeeKid

    Eaton / Detroit locker seems like it's unlocking at 55 mph

    I've searched but not found an existing thread with anyone experiencing the same issue as me... Hopefully I've not overlooked it. My 03 TJ X has a detroit in the rear Dana 35 with super 35 axles and 4.56 gears. Generally behaves as expected, occasional noise on tight turns with non-neutral...
  3. CherokeeKid

    Return to AMC, sort of

    Hi folks. I've got a question I may post about but not after I've thoroughly searched this forum to see if there's already an answer out there. Also, thought I'd introduce myself as a new member. I bought an 82 CJ7 several years ago. Had it for several years, really enjoyed the experience...