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  1. MikekiM

    Grandma's LJ - My 2005 LJ Build

    Grandma would have driven as it is? I like your Grandma.
  2. MikekiM

    What brand of tires should I go with?

    I'll give a thumbs up for the WildPeaks. I've put about 15k miles on them and they remain dead quiet. Had them through last years winter and found them well suited. They get an 'OK' rating for heavy rain, but to be fair, it could just be the size not the tread.
  3. MikekiM

    Hyline Oversized Tire Mount compatible with Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Tailgate Reinforcement?

    I am using the Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Casting hinge and am very happy with it. It mates up with a wonky angled RR Spartacus HD Tire Mount that I really dislike. It works great and in tandem with the hinge casting but I don't like the angled presentation and it cantilevers out...
  4. MikekiM

    New York 2000 Jeep wrangler Sport Utility 2D 75k ~ $12,900

    Not mine.. Found on FB MP. Geographically close to me if anyone needs/wants a set of eyes or a test drive. 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport Utility 2D
  5. MikekiM

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Wasted a whole bunch of time installing Amazon seat warmers.. What a disappointment. It is an easy but time consuming install. Between getting the heating elements in place under the Bartacts, pulling the center console, running the wiring and mounting the switches it was a good few hours...
  6. MikekiM

    Mirror Relocation Question

    Glad it works for you! The mounts I have were designed to be located lower on the windshield hinge.. you can just see the mark the rubber backing pad left on the paint below. They haven't budged in a year so I can't reason to fret over a second bolt.
  7. MikekiM

    Mirror Relocation Question

    I've tried ll the ones listed (or something similar) and found my final solution eliminated the need to swap on and off, has no blind spots, aren't blocked with doors on or off and have at least what I think is a cool retro CJ look rather than a goofy 'I moved my stock mirrors to the a-pillar'...
  8. MikekiM

    Touchless Car Washes

    My TJ is a DD and I haven't committed to retiring it for winter just yet. Having too much fun. Once the snow comes (or threatens to do so) I hit the drive through self-serve hand wash booths once a week.. for about $10-$15 per visit. I do the best I can with what I have available.. getting...
  9. MikekiM

    Mirror Relocation Question

    Just installed a set of 5” round convex mirrors. They clear the A-pillars just fine but are way wider field of view. Like the retro CJ look but Maybe too wide of a view. I’ll live with them a bit before casting final vote
  10. MikekiM

    To sell or not to sell? 2004 LJ

    I feel your pain on the auto versus manual. Driving an auto numbs my brain. That said, you’ve got a rare ride well sorted and that counts for a lot. As much as I want to say sell it and find a manual, the value of the build done your way exceeds the potential enjoyment of the manual. Keep...
  11. MikekiM

    Lets see your best Jeep memes

    I've been down with Covid for a week. Best four hours I've spent all week was completing this entire thread beginning to end. Favorite of all....
  12. MikekiM

    Am I getting Rubi-conned?

    This ^^^^ I didn’t bother reading the rest
  13. MikekiM

    Pin assignments for rear wiper and defroster plugs?

    Can one of you electrical guru's interpret this for me please... I want to repurpose the rear defogger circuit's switched power & ground. The connector to the switch had switch power to the blue/green tracer and I assume black is ground. Does that match the wiring schematic?? I can...
  14. MikekiM

    What have you used SEM trim paint on?

    My apologies.. Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X. Ignore the cap…it’s from a different paint.
  15. MikekiM

    Help identifying tire carrier

    I understand there was a cargo basket option as well. Not sure if it was the common Bestop basket setup or something proprietary to the carrier.
  16. MikekiM

    Pin assignments for rear wiper and defroster plugs?

    Outstanding.. thank you Any idea as to how the defrost timer operates?
  17. MikekiM

    What have you used SEM trim paint on?

    I did the door latches with Krylon two part, paint/prime in Satin Black. Came out amazing. Minimal prep other than scuffing and cleaning. Truth told, this two part paint is why I have not used the SEM Trim Paint
  18. MikekiM

    Pin assignments for rear wiper and defroster plugs?

    Hoping to cannibalize one of the stocks circuits as a source of switched power for seat heaters. I am soft top only so don’t and won’t use the rear wiper or defroster. Looks like both circuits are switched power. The defroster is timed.. is the timer incorporated in the switch or elsewhere in...
  19. MikekiM

    TJ camper

    creative.. that's all I've got
  20. MikekiM

    Coiled air hose

    I have two I am not using.. Not sure of the brand. Used both on my JKs with perfect performance. I switched to a non-coiled hose because it was easier to store where I wanted it. You can have one or both if you want...