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  1. dallasdig

    It works! Revving the nuts off a TJ ended up giving it way more power (no more carbon buildup)

    I love the look of that car. It looks like it's about to pounce.
  2. dallasdig

    Continuing problems with water pump

    Finally got a good chance to look at it again today and it is the thermostat. That's a much easier fix. Thanks for the help.
  3. dallasdig

    Continuing problems with water pump

    Thanks everyone. Yes it's a Mopar part and I'm confident I am getting all of the old gasket off and getting a good seal. I replaced the thermostat at the same time so I will double check and see if it's leaking from there.
  4. dallasdig

    Continuing problems with water pump

    I've replaced my water pump and it's still leaking. So I started over again cleaning it, adding new gasket and it still leaks. Both times it was fine for about 5 minutes but after 5 minutes would start leaking. Am I missing something? Could it be a problem with the part (Mopar from Mopar Parts...
  5. dallasdig

    Antifreeze leak behind lower pulley

    Never refreshed the cooling system. I've replace a water pump before on a TJ so I'll definitely check that. Hard to examine it too closely with hot coolant leaking.
  6. dallasdig

    Antifreeze leak behind lower pulley

    2006 LJ has just developed an antifreeze leak. Looks like it's coming from behind the lower pulley. I'll have a better chance to look at it when I am off work tomorrow but am wondering what's behind that pulley and if that could be source of leak.
  7. dallasdig

    Those with tilt steering, do you have any issues?

    This happened to me for the first time today. The lever would drop down every time my LJ would bounce hard. I'm hoping it's just an adjustment screw of some kind.
  8. dallasdig

    Anybody got anything from BedRug lately?

    I drive by the bed bug factory coming and going to work everyday. Just last week they posted signs outside saying that they are now hiring. But of course everyone else here is also. Glad to see you guys are starting to get your orders. By the way the first time I saw the signs I couldn't tell...
  9. dallasdig

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    It was two chipped keys.
  10. dallasdig

    Absolutely the coolest "doors-off" mirrors on the planet!

    I would love one like that that you could take off and put on very easily. Would prefer without the grab handle though.
  11. dallasdig


    I was ducked this week for the first time also. I go to a small gym and I think it was the children of one of the other gym goers who did it. It's cute and I can see how kids might love it but like the Jeep wave something that people attach way too much importance to.
  12. dallasdig

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I've had my LJ for about 2 months now. Yesterday my wife wanted to drive one of her girlfriends around in the Jeep so she took it for the first time. Somehow, she lost the one and only key. She called a locksmith and $150 later we had a new key. I told her to go ahead and get a second key which...
  13. dallasdig

    Will OEM windows fit a Bestop?

    I found someone selling OEM windows and I'm wondering if they will fit my Best Top? These are for an 06 TJ unlimited. Windows are from a TJU also. My concern is will they zip up properly?
  14. dallasdig

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    So I didn't realize until last week that the Bedrug sign I drive by every day is THE Bedrug. Need to stop by one day to see if they have a factory outlet.
  15. dallasdig

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    They are so cheap at $29 I bought two. Second one will cover up the backseat and rear.
  16. dallasdig

    Nut on bottom door pin spins but won't come off

    I'm trying to take doors off the LJ I bought this week. Top nut comes off but bottom one just spins. Do I need to cut it off? Is a cut off tool the best tool for the job?
  17. dallasdig

    What's top dollar for a 2006 X model?

    I'm getting ready to sell my stock (except for wheels) 2004 X with 67,000 miles. Will list it at $14K and see what I can get for it. Only selling it to pay for a couple of semesters of college for my daughter.
  18. dallasdig

    How long does it take to put your soft top down and up?

    The drip rail on mine can be very difficult to pull out. I would have no shame using a tool to help.
  19. dallasdig

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I like that bumper. It almost looks stock with a bar added to it. Who makes that?