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  1. willis36

    Acceptable alternator brands?

    That one looks exactly like the Autozone 100% new one. I cant remember the companies name that makes them, but i know several people rebrand them. I have had one on my WJ for a couple years with no issues. I have had a Mean Green on my TJ for over ten years with no issues, but those are a little...
  2. willis36

    HP30 re-gear help (oil baffle)

    The factory uses the oil slinger to set pinion depth, they come in various thicknesses. Your install kit will come with a thin one, use that and then adjust pinion depth with shims behind the bearing pressed into the housing.
  3. willis36

    MLV in Engine Bay?

    Oh never mind, I see someone already posted this kit
  4. willis36

    MLV in Engine Bay?
  5. willis36

    Rock Jock Motor Mounts

    Many moons ago I had the M.O.R.E one inch lift mounts, but when Savvy introduced the first gen under armor, I had to go back to a factory style mount. Grabbed some Anchor brand replacements and have been running them ever since. That has been around ten years ago, they have held up perfectly...
  6. willis36

    TJ won’t start

    I have had good luck with the Bosch Platinum as well, they are made in USA by Exide
  7. willis36

    Tire buying time

    They sure do, I was so mad when I heard they were bought out.
  8. willis36

    Tire buying time

    Had a set of Toyo AT3's put on my daily driver WJ a couple weeks ago. They are super smooth and quiet and have done really good in the rain. I am very happy with them. I have been a Cooper guy for years, but since Goodyear owns them now I just could not bring myself to buy them again. The Toyos...
  9. willis36

    Has anyone run the Eaton e-lockers?

    I guess I was just trying to point out that they have a good clutchless, fully mechanical good design, they are just to stupid to apply it to all the other axles. Btw, my Ected has never slipped once when it would work. The issue is it not working lol Eaton is the way to go for sure.
  10. willis36

    Has anyone run the Eaton e-lockers?

    No they actually have a 100% mechanical locking version for Dana 60 and Dana 70 that has no clutch packs.
  11. willis36

    Has anyone run the Eaton e-lockers?

    No they actually have a 100% mechanical locking version for Dana 60 and Dana 70 that has no clutch packs.
  12. willis36

    Has anyone run the Eaton e-lockers?

    The sad thing is the Dana 60 and 70 models are open to lock and have a really good fully mechanical design, not sure why they dont implement that into all the others. Plus they are US made, my Eaton is made in Mexico.
  13. willis36

    Has anyone run the Eaton e-lockers?

    Have had an Elocker in my HP30 for a few years now, never any problems and works great. Wish I could say the same about the ECTED piece of shit in my rear axle.
  14. willis36

    Anyone got a lead on a Mopar heater core?
  15. willis36

    What is the best affordable muffler to put on my TJ?

    After years of a 40 series Flowmaster, I put on a Walker quite flow stainless, nice stock sound for about 60.00. I guess im getting old, loud exhaust is just annoying to me now lol
  16. willis36

    Cold air or other air box solutions

    Davey's jeep should have one in stock
  17. willis36

    Cooling system isn’t cooling

    A spill free funnel make bleeding out stubborn systems easy and mess free. Puts coolant level higher than the radiator, letting the air escape.
  18. willis36

    Part numbers and resources for constant tension hose clamps

    Sub for future reference. BTW, i ordered heater hose clamps tonight from some place called Bel-Metric, guess I will find out if the sizing is ok and the quality. Anyone ordered from them before?
  19. willis36

    Who makes the highest quality hood louver?

    I have had the Genright 5 piece kit on my rig for several years, very good quality and work great. I personally like the look of them better than those large one piece panels.