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  1. SoCalGlide

    Leaving Californy with a banjo on my knee

    Well, no banjo, but the house is in escrow, and we'll be moving to Virginia within a couple months. Virginia's not my first choice, but the wife said she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life living 3000 miles away from the daughter and grandkids. Some things a guy has to roll with. We're...
  2. SoCalGlide

    Anyone in Georgia need half doors?

    I found some very reasonably priced half doors on FB Marketplace in Georgia. I have no affiliation. Half Doors
  3. SoCalGlide

    Adjustable Control Arms and Stock Driveshaft

    I made a post over in the “What did you do to your LJ today?” about this, but I thought I might get broader coverage here. Like most of you, I am upgrading my Jeep to be more capable offroad. And like most of you, I don’t have a boatload of cash to throw at it and get it all done at once, so...
  4. SoCalGlide

    SOLD LJ Hardtop

    I've got a factory hardtop for 2004-2006 Jeep LJ. In really good shape with just a few nicks. Glass is all good, and I installed new struts a couple years ago. Washer/wiper and defrost work just fine, but does not include any of the wiring harness. I am including Lance Hoist-a-Top and a home...
  5. SoCalGlide

    SOLD Clover Patch Window Storage

    A few months ago a few folks and myself were looking for the Clover Patch window storage roll. I got one from Collins Bros. for full price. I found one that was miscategorized on ebay last week and snagged it for $20. It doesn't look like it has ever been used. I just want to pass it on. $20...
  6. SoCalGlide

    SOLD Tuffy Deluxe Enclosure

    I've got one of those Tuffy Delux Enclosures. Fits YJs, TJs, and LJs, but you have to remove the rear seat. Provides relatively secure storage when your tailgate is closed and locked. I prefer local pickup (I'm in Oxnard) but will meet someone within an hour's drive. I really don't want to ship...
  7. SoCalGlide

    Jeep LJ Hardtop

    I know these things are going for good money, and sometimes I get tempted to sell mine, but this seems just a little ridiculous.
  8. SoCalGlide

    Gauges bounce around when turning the ignition to accessory position and TJ won't start

    Wife and I just got to the drive-in. Shut down, and when I turned ignition to accessory, the gauges started bouncing around and it won't start. I have disconnected the battery for now, but don't know how to proceed. What say the gurus?
  9. SoCalGlide


    Found this tub/frame on one of the Facebook Groups I'm in. Looks pretty rust free, but I'm going off of the pictures. Could be useful for somebody, and the price doesn't look too bad.
  10. SoCalGlide

    TJ Throwing P0344 Code

    I know there are more than a few P0344 code threads on here, I want to add mine. 2006 LJ, 164K miles Replaced OPDA in Oct. of last year with Crown unit, reused Mopar cam position sensor. Last week on the way to work, out of the blue, went into limp mode. Won't rev over about 2400 rpm. Got her...