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  1. rhanna

    Synthetic rope

    Is this a good deal? I thought I read some places where Dyneema synthetic rope was good.
  2. rhanna

    Tennessee Warn M15 M15000 $1300

    I bought a warn M15 with steel cable at an auction recently but I think I'll try to sell it before attempting to put on the front of my jeep. I know it's way overkill for our needs but I thought maybe someone would have a use for it elsewhere. It was sold as "new" but I'm not sure you would...
  3. rhanna

    NAPA discount on Odyssey battery

    I don't know if this is a good deal or not but you can order an odyssey battery to ship to your home and add 2 other items (cheap) and it adds a 20% off coupon. Price after coupon Odyssey performance group 34/78 battery is 279 CCA 710 Odyssey performance group 34 battery is 296 CCA 792 Odyssey...
  4. rhanna

    Can I install a Warn 97730 on a TJ?

    Can I install a warn 97730 on a TJ? Warn M-15s I know it’s overkill just curious
  5. rhanna

    East coast vs West coast wheeling

    I'm still pretty early on in my Jeep offroad life so I haven't spent a ton of time researching every topic. One thing that comes up is east vs west coast wheeling. Is it just dry/rocky wheeling vs wet/mud/sometimes rocky wheeling? When I hear a jeep needs to be built for one or the other...
  6. rhanna

    How full do you fill your gas tank before hitting the trails?

    Title pretty much says it all. Assuming stock tank and wheeling on a random Saturday and easy access to gas station at the end of the day or trailer. I don't think I've ever used more than 1/2 tank and usually closer to 1/4
  7. rhanna

    Savvy door instructions

    Got the doors in yesterday but no instructions. I guess I could figure it out but there are a lot of parts
  8. rhanna

    Painting powder coated parts

    I have some fenders and armor that was sold with powder coating and rust is starting to come through. I don't want to get them powder coated again but would like to refresh them. Is it ok to lightly sand everything and paint the whole piece? Would bedliner be a better option? I do rock crawl...
  9. rhanna

    Rocky Ridge (formally B&J)

    Went to Rocky Ridge off road outside of Bowling Green on 2/19/22. This is the first time I've ever been and met up with 2 other jeeps. It had rained heavily 2 days before going but it wasn't muddy just slick rocks everywhere. Fun little park with plenty to do and the trails are marked well...
  10. rhanna

    Jeep TJ Axles and Tires

    Dana 60 Currie Rock Jock rear and Dana 44 hp front 4.88 37.5” Irok Radials, 5 tires Outside of Pittsburgh
  11. rhanna

    Source of leak

    I went off-road on Saturday but it was easy trails. I didn’t even notice the leak until I got home and noticed drops on the trailer. It hasn’t leaked onto the garage floor in the past. The liquid looked red like transfer case fluid but I would have expected seeing something around the seal.
  12. rhanna

    TBI endangered child report

    Just trying to help out some grandparents that live in my neighborhood. The man in the photo is the little boy's father that did not show up when he was supposed to drop him off with the mother. He also has his 16 year old niece with him. The Subaru pictured below is a vehicle he bought last...
  13. rhanna

    New stronger axle shaft?

    Looking at trading my car I’m on Facebook a lot looking at vehicles lately. Noticed an XJ. Not interested but wanted to check it out. Has anyone heard of chrome ollies? Are those stronger than chromoly shafts?
  14. rhanna

    Towing my TJ

    Im not sure exactly how much my TJ weighs but I would guess just under or right at 4000. Using a steel dual axle trailer with brakes on both axles. How much would you want your towing vehicle rated minimum to feel safe? I know there are a lot of variables. I’m looking at trucks and suvs and...
  15. rhanna

    Grand Cherokee

    I have a 2019 Subaru Legacy that's been great but I don't drive it very much because I enjoy driving my TJ more. Right now I'm working from home full time but sometime in the future my employer will expect me to come in 1-2 days a week. That commute really sucks and it takes about an hour each...
  16. rhanna

    Possible front axle swap

    Someone local is selling a bunch of stuff that's under there YJ. I'm interested in the front axle HP dana 44, it's already geared to match my rear, has a ARB locker and RCV shafts. I haven't confirmed with the seller which donor vehicle it came out of but I'm guessing a f150 or f250. Right...
  17. rhanna

    Selling YJ parts

    There is a guy that’s selling both axles and his beadlock wheels, coil overs, rear bumper with tire carrier. I’m interested in the front axle but not the other stuff. How much do you conservatively think I could get out of the parts? 8.8 with 4.88 gears Detroit locker and chrome moly shafts...
  18. rhanna

    Testing Eaton e-locker in garage

    What are the steps to test to see if my locker is locking? Right now the only way I've "tested" it was on the trail when I needed it. I look out the driver window and see the driver side tire not moving. Kind of sucks right at the start of a day of offroading.
  19. rhanna

    Coalmont OHV

    Had a long day yesterday driving down to Tracy City, TN and back. We were on the trail for 10 hours straight. Again had problems with my rear locker. We tried to bypass the relay but it still didn't work. Next project will be to re-wire the eaton locker in the rear. I was back to being the...
  20. rhanna

    Downhill off-road crawling

    I’ve got a basic question to ask, owned my Jeep about 9 months and off-road twice. I have a 5 speed manual and going downhill in 4 low sometimes I want to go even slower than what that allows. Do you engage the clutch and use the brakes? I guess I have to get used to the manual shortcomings.