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  1. mattyice2

    What do you guys think of this 2006 Jeep Wrangler for sale?

    What do you guys think? Fair price?
  2. mattyice2

    Plate in between frame and skid plate

    I just started to see this. Is this a normal thing with later TJs or is this an aftermarket job?
  3. mattyice2

    Front fender rust project

    We'll see how this goes. I'm using J-B Weld 5000 PSI Epoxy. I'll post a picture later on tonight when I paint over it.
  4. mattyice2

    Best spray paint for plastic fender pieces?

    Let me know!
  5. mattyice2

    Fixing front fenders

    I'm working on fixing up my front fenders the best that I can. How should I fill up this hole before I paint over it?
  6. mattyice2

    Your thoughts on this Jeep?
  7. mattyice2

    Looking to buy a non-TJ

    I'm at the point where I love my TJ so much that I don't want to run it in the PA winter salt anymore. I want it to last for many more years. So, I'm looking for a second vehicle to run in the wintertime. I want something reliable that's in the 5,000-dollar range. Obviously has to be in 4wd or...
  8. mattyice2

    Cracked exhaust manifold question

    I've seen on sites that the older TJ ones don't crack as much. Why? Did they change the exhaust manifold?
  9. mattyice2

    Removing bumper caps

    Who else has done this? Mine are getting a little worn so I'm thinking about it.
  10. mattyice2

    After market front fender question

    If I were to get these, are they street legal? The turn signals are on the original front fenders...
  11. mattyice2

    Eastwood Rust Encapsulator

    I want to give this stuff a five-star review. Used it on a couple of minor rust spots on the frame, and it seems to be doing really well. The jury is out might have to put some more on in a year or so, but right now I really like the results. It is a good thing to try for our rust prone TJs. Now...
  12. mattyice2

    Rust on the front fenders

    The infamous rust on the front fenders. Can it be repaired or are you better off just replacing them?
  13. mattyice2

    Best carbon cleaner for the 4.0?

    Techron, Cataclean or something else? Let the debate begin!
  14. mattyice2

    Why is there a skid plate under the transfer case?

    Why is it there? Is the transfer case really that vulnerable?
  15. mattyice2

    Why is this TJ so cheap?

    It looks nice so I'm just wondering
  16. mattyice2

    Do I need to replace this vacuum hose?

    I just noticed that my air system is stuck on defrost. It's def the HVAC vacuum hose because it wasn't even attached to the intake valve. I put it back on, but now it's very loose and will probably just come off again. I'm guessing a replacement is needed.
  17. mattyice2

    Why would someone take my front bumper hooks off?

    I checked out my Jeep's build sheet recently, and it came with front bumper hooks installed. Somebody took them off. Any ideas why? Doesn't really bother me just wondering.
  18. mattyice2

    Me and the Jeep lol

  19. mattyice2

    Might just be my best mod...

  20. mattyice2

    Best tire cover image?

    I'm looking for something unique. Indulge me.