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    Is there a secret for loosening this adhesive?

    Hair dryer for the sticker, goo gone+ some more heat for the remaining adhesive
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    Removing (non stock) wiper arms

    Yeah that worked. No idea why I didn't try before. I kept pushing down. Under the cowl is surprisingly clean and no seized screws. Are those original Mopar wiper arms? I didn't run across that latch when I was looking at the FSM or in my owners manual.
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    Removing (non stock) wiper arms

    I was looking to take the cowl off for the first time and clean out any debris. Went to remove the wiper arms according to everything I've seen & read, and realized that mine don't have that handy little tab on the bottom that folks usually pry down with a flathead screwdriver. In fact, I can't...
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    98 4.0: How much should I expect to pay to have a new exhaust manifold installed?

    Just call your local shops and ask for an estimate. They'll probably give you a time estimate based on something like the ALLDATA listing for the job multiplied by their hourly rate + parts (including markup) * local sales tax. There is a high likelihood that an experienced mechanic will be...
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    Rear drum brake tools

    Holy shit that is overkill. I think I used a hefty flathead screwdriver and long-nose vice grips to get everything together, an offset wrench for the bleeder valve, and an adjuster tool for the star wheel. $250 in tools for drum brakes ... not in a million years.
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    Where can I get the aux cable input for the stock stereo?

    I think I found what you're looking for on the Redneck Garage page
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    No pressure in clutch pedal

    I hope someone who knows about YJs does pipe up, but in the meantime I suggest you join a YJ specific forum to find the right folks. We're all TJ owners here, though I know there are a few who have gone through the ringer with everything from Cj-2As to JTs around these parts.
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    Stock Front Track Bar Torque at Frame (65 or 110?)

    The FSM for my 2005 says 60 ft. lbs. for the frame-side ball stud nut. If you can't get the cotter pin in @ 60, tighten until you can.
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    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    There's so much more you'll learn from this forum juts by reading threads recounting peoples' experiences. Soon you'll feel like Connor Macleod absorbing all of the experts' powers and knowledge but without having to cut their heads off like the Highlander.
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    Phone Mounting

    I've been using a RAM mount for a long while on both my TJ and on my motorcycle. The initial price might seem higher than a lot of other mounts, but the security and different configurations are enough to warrant the price. It's stayed rock steady on my bike @ 60mph, so I couldn't recommend it...
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    I used my original sensor. It didn't want to come out at first which made me nervous. I read one or two accounts of people's MOPAR sensors crumbling when they removed them. But some patience helped and it eventually released from its 16 year home.
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    I'll cross those electrical bridges when I get there. I need to tackle three ready shocks next, but I'm really not in a hurry. I think the OPDA was the last pressing thing for now. Hopefully.
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    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    What brand of the O2 sensors did you buy? It sounds stupid, but the only ones that work properly with these vehicles is NTK/NGK. Anything else will throw codes.
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    I definitely had a slightly tough time getting the first thread in place. Large hands as well. After that it was all gravy.
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    I had to go to 3 different shops to find a 6 point 1/2in box wrench. That retainer bolt was a real beast to remove because it's in such a tight spot. I ended up using a 6in clamp to pull the wrench towards the motor mount. Other than that, everything went by the book. I did it all alone. Once...
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    I've heard about the issue being blown out of proportion but the anxiety of a blown motor was weighing too heavy on my shoulders. Good to know I'm likely worrying too much. I went to inspect the old OPDA the other day and it spins freely and quietly; no noise, nothing that feels like a binding...
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    Rear sway bar moves inside bushing

    Stock is fine. A more important consideration is to get rubber bushings instead of poly. A lot of people think poly is an upgrade over rubber, and it can be for many vehicles. But you don't want a stiffer ride or the squeaking that eventually comes. Just get stock rubber and be done.
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    Rear sway bar moves inside bushing

    New bushings and end links are pretty damn cheap. Grab some and call it a day.
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I finally swapped out the OPDA. No squealing, no CELs, no symptoms. Just finally had time. Really bummed that my camshaft gear is not looking good. I'll drive it til it doesn't wanna go anymore I guess.
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    Changed OPDA but my camshaft gear has wear. Need a dose of reality.

    The only CELs I've had were O2 sensor related. I did not have any squealing either. I've had a Crown unit in the garage for a while and finally got around to swapping it in. Things went well except for the very stubborn retainer plate bolt. Why is it so hard to find a 6-point 1/2in. box wrench...