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  1. PirataCoqui

    Budget friendly extended bumpstops

    Hockey pucks off Craigslist or eBay. Got a bunch of old ones for $5 and they have worked great for me over the last year or so after seeing a post on here from @Jerry Bransford that mentioned them.
  2. PirataCoqui

    November 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    Old NC 105 Linville Gorge Wilderness
  3. PirataCoqui

    Farm Jack Storage

    You are not alone, I purchased my hi-lift before I ever read up on them, saw all the jeeps in my area with them, and automatically concluded I needed one, so I gifted it to myself since a winch was out of budget at the time. Now I have a winch, but my jack still sits on the driver's side...
  4. PirataCoqui

    North Carolina Driving the beaches of NC

    Hello, woodmaster, I have done it many times and in many different vehicles and areas along OBX, most recently in my TJ a few weeks ago, on Carova Beach(free off-season). I like going off-season due to it being mostly dead and easy to find hug spans of beach just for you. In the summer, be...
  5. PirataCoqui

    SOLD LED backup lights

    You can add me to round 3 as well. Don't care about the timing as this falls into the don't need but why wtf not category.
  6. PirataCoqui

    Incorrect Carfax

    I did the same thing you did. Was upfront about the error, at the end I sold it and it didn’t cause me any issues. I think your are fortunate the market is what it is right now otherwise it would probably be a bigger issue.
  7. PirataCoqui

    Incorrect Carfax

    You can file a claim with CARFAX. I had the issue happen last year just as I was about the sell my car. Car fax responded and assigned someone to investigate within days… 8 months later I still haven’t heard anything back, although I did sell the car and not sure if that played a part.
  8. PirataCoqui

    Anyone use BedRug carpet?

    I agree, this is the one thing I wasn't expecting, I matted the rocker panels thinking that area would be concealed by the Bedtred and was surprised it didn't cover that area. Doesn't bother me much, but it was something that surprised me when I first installed it.
  9. PirataCoqui

    Anyone use BedRug carpet?

    I don’t have a comparison experience like you but I was looking for a something that didn’t hide dirt( it was my concern with bedrug) and allowed for easy cleanup of beach sand and other misc crap. I actually like it a lot and don’t regret it, it met my expectations.
  10. PirataCoqui

    Anyone use BedRug carpet?

    I did similar. Took care of my rust issues and matted it. Instead of bedrug I used BedTred since I wasn’t looking for the rug look.
  11. PirataCoqui

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Finally fixed my SRS light. Passenger airbag switch “Off” light was burnt. Didn’t have a bulb so ended up soldering a resistor to test it and it worked. It’s staying that way until I come across the appropriate bulb.
  12. PirataCoqui

    January 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    Posting this simply because it's my screensaver. Love the memories from that day....and yes that is baby emergency gear equipment in the back.. a stroller and car seat. The backside of Daniel at Uwharrie
  13. PirataCoqui

    Best / easiest engine swap for 97 TJ 2.5

    It's possible, it will require fab-work and money, not sure it's cheaper to sell and buy a new one with prices the way they are right now but it's worth taking stock of how much work you are willing to put into it and how much downtime you are willing to deal with. I came across the same issue...
  14. PirataCoqui

    Help me pick a stereo

    Edit. I actually run this run.. my mistake...
  15. PirataCoqui

    Help me pick a stereo

    +1 on the alpine. This is what I run and love the integration with my Iphone. Also has support for 2 cameras built in.
  16. PirataCoqui

    Spare Tire

    As everyone has already said, it's a choice, whatever you chose be prepared to live with it. I ride my bike 90% alone, with a plug kit tucked under my seat, if that doesn't work during a flat, then it's just me who needs to worry about what to do and how to do it. In my tj, I ride 90% of the...
  17. PirataCoqui

    Rear bumper with integrated hitch

    I appreciate the options, so to summarize as of Jan 2022 and for future reference... Made in USA hitch bumpers: (I placed them in my own personal preference order.. you got to be nuts to go with the Smitty in my opinion.) Made in USA: Dirtworx Steel-weight unknown ~ $299 UCR Aluminum -weight...
  18. PirataCoqui

    Rear bumper with integrated hitch

    Thanks found it! For some reason I was looking for "TJ" and glanced over it.
  19. PirataCoqui

    Rear bumper with integrated hitch

    Jerry, I was searching around the forum for a hitch-mounted rear bumper and saw you recommended this exact bumper at least twice, but I can't seem to find it on their website anymore. Do you have any other recommendations that are made in the USA that have integrated hitches? I currently have...