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  1. Xlr8r

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Great to be here!
  2. Xlr8r

    Is it legal to drive with the doors off in Ontario?

    Here in Alberta, you need a driver's side mirror to stay legal. Doors optional.
  3. Xlr8r

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone. New Canadian member here joining the forum. Hope to learn more about my Jeep. Just bought a bone stock 2004 TJ with 106xxx km on the odometer. I want to learn more about storage cart. Suspension upgrades, wheel sizes and more. Can't wait to look around. Any Canadians...
  4. Xlr8r

    Free standing storage rack for Wrangle TJ hardtop

    Hey Plumber. Just joined the forum, and am seeking information on this cart. Do you need to take the back window out while storing? Can you shoot a pic on the bottom rubber pieces where the hardtop rests? It seems weird, but am I to trust that this cart would have the hardtop standing...