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  1. TurboTJ

    Vibration around 50-55

    Download a vibration analyzer for your smart phone. If the frequency is 8 to 9 Hz it is tires. If it is around 4 times that it is driveshaft related.
  2. TurboTJ

    Words cannot describe this steering / track bar setup...

    The kludgey frame side track bar mount looks like it would just invite death wobble. The bracket has a bolt through the top of it which acts as a pivot on another chunk of metal that bolts to the OEM track bar mount. Then there is the bar from the bracket over to the other side of the frame to...
  3. TurboTJ

    Turn heads wherever you go in this $65,000 purple and white TJ!

    I wish I hadn’t seen that.
  4. TurboTJ

    Front end clunking / popping at slow speeds

    Not sure if this is the best way but I would put it in 4wd, lift one wheel and look for any play in that U-joint when you try to rotate the tire. Then do the other side. You will of course get some movement of the axle shafts due to the play in the differential, transfer case, etc., but you are...
  5. TurboTJ

    Front end clunking / popping at slow speeds

    How about the axle U-joints?
  6. TurboTJ

    Truck Campers

    I believe this truck was overweight even before anything was put in the camper. The camper plus water and propane was about 5500 lbs. That is about the payload capacity of base model truck (no 4WD, crewcab, diesel, etc.). As equipped the payload was probably around 5000 lbs. Then add a...
  7. TurboTJ

    Viair 400H Onboard Air Compressor Install (Lots of Photos)

    Sorry, no pictures. It is just some sheet metal bent into an L with a flange at the bottom to mount to the ABS tray. It has held up for about 4 years now.
  8. TurboTJ

    RockJock Track Bar Johnny Joint Ball Stress Fractures?

    That corrosion looks pretty bad too.
  9. TurboTJ

    Manual clutch bouncing when released

    I had what seemed like chatter but was actually a bad transmission mount.
  10. TurboTJ

    Front end crunch

    It must have taken a pretty big hit to do that. I wonder if the frame stub there and the cross tube are bent. It looks like the bumper is bent enough to at least hit the cross tube. Another thing….. we‘ve seen multiple instances here of a Jeep stopping suddenly while the motor kept going...
  11. TurboTJ

    Has Anyone Tried JDMSPEED New Universal Electric Power Window Kits?

    I’ve had “Electric Life” window winders and locks for about 6 years now. Everything works well enough. The locks have to be adjusted every couple of years.
  12. TurboTJ

    Hobart 210 MVP

    What Mike_H said. Same thing with me. I was also disappointed that the 210MP would not do TIG on aluminum. You can buy an MIG spool gun for aluminum that works with it but I think that is probably a pretty poor substitute. So I bought a Weldpro TIG machine that is AC/DC and has RF start. It got...
  13. TurboTJ

    Hobart 210 MVP

    I have a Lincoln 210MP. I bought it because I wanted to do both MIG and TIG. It does MIG very well but it uses “lift start” for TIG. I am not coordinated enough to get good results with that. I finally bought a dedicated TIG welder with RF start. I find it so much easier to use.
  14. TurboTJ

    PSA: Mopar radiator (55037652AA) has been discontinued as of late October, 2022 I don’t know if either of these...
  15. TurboTJ

    05-06 4.0 NSG370 Shift Tower Options?

    The B&M shifter does not fix the NSG370 problem but it does mask it. I installed the shifter because of the shorter throws and better feel. I still have some difficulty getting into reverse at times but there are no other problems. Eventually I may have my transmission overhauled so I can have...
  16. TurboTJ

    05-06 4.0 NSG370 Shift Tower Options?

    The Barnes skid plate is real cheap and easy to install. Just sayin…..
  17. TurboTJ

    05-06 4.0 NSG370 Shift Tower Options?

    I have the B&M shifter on my 2006 TJR. It fits without interference but I have a Barnes skid plate that raises the transmission about one inch. Without that the shifter would probably hit the bezel.
  18. TurboTJ

    '05 shifter bezel fit with new shifter

    It is not exactly the simplest solution, but a 1 inch tummy tuck will take care of the problem. That is what I have in my 2006 with the B&M shifter and there is no interference. Wow, I just noticed this is my 1000th post!
  19. TurboTJ

    Clutch Replacement

    I had the same experience when I replaced my clutch. It was light as a feather but it worked perfectly.